Studying English

” The first place that we recommended to you if you are going to study English in Brighton as student to eat is: Network Veg – Specialistic in vegetarian hamburgers and the elaboration of the Falafel. If you go to Brighton a Sunday, we advised to you that commas typical the traditional Sunday Roast that complete leaves to you around the 12 pounds. WHERE TO TAKE SOMETHING US? That you want to take a dot nooo? jejeje, that you like a good beer because I recommend to you that you tomer in the Prince Apel, simply suitable to take a beer rich. Best of this place since it has activities in direct ALL, absolutely Every day of the year. Thing that is difficult to find until in great cities. BY WHERE TO TAKE A WALK? If you are customary to fine sand beaches, the truth is that you can think that Brighton is not the best place to take a walk by the beach, because they are of stones. However a stroll by the precious marine stroll, cannot lack, because it really has pretty views.

Where I become the photo of the trip the photos you must make them in the Royal Pavilium and the Brighton Pier, that are parts of the film. If you have time you do not stop going to Seven Sister, it is a white cliff that approximately is located about 20 minutes of the center, you will have desplazarte in urban bus. The views are spectacular from that precipice. From that precious place something very important of the Quadrophenia. film happens Which I reserve myself, because I do not want to clear the people to him who want to see the film the intrigue than she happens. If you can, rents one bici to arrive until there, you will have to cross a natural park by far taken care of because you is plagued of ewes grazing and perhaps DES chocazo against some jeje Good we hoped that you are information who we give you, help to decantarte by a place or other you to realise a course of languages abroad. To study English in the school of English of Brighton is one of the best things than you can do this summer if they have granted a scholarship to you MEC. The school of English of Brighton is to ladito of the beach, and has very good facilities! Until soon travelling!

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