Now see it from another point of view: If we take into account that gets between 15 and 20 prospects, the average would be of 17.5…but for rounding suppose 18 then, if you invest $10 per day in 10 days it will invest $100 if with $100 gets 18 subscriptions, this is equal to 5.55 dollars per subscription. This step to get a list of 1000 Subscribers will bring you an investment of 5555 dollars. Simply…a fortune! As response to whether much or little, I would say that it depends on each person, I really believe that it is a folly to waste that much money, but this is only a subjective opinion and staff. This person felt that it wasn’t much money, but I think that because didn’t have a reference value; Perhaps the thinking only about 10 dollars and never thought by the side that 1000 Subscribers would mean a BREW of 5555 dollars. So I say that it is something particular to him, 10 dollars a day did not mean much money, however for others if it can be a lot of money. Guitarist understands that this is vital information.

But beyond what means for each one, and whether much or little, money that you designate to advertising should be very well managed. With regard to prospects, as I said, is not quantity it’s quality, they must be users who are interested in your products or services and those get well diagramming the announcement focusing it towards the public specific you want to reach. Make advertising effective is achieved, as all experienced and trial and error, absolutely measuring all the results and making permanent changes seeking to improve them. If you do not measure do not know if works, along with changes in ads, to compete to an ad with another; You must also know the conduct to adopt users to join your site, how long are in the, which pages of your site are the most visited, the same thing you do with your landing pages and thus you do permanent changes. Finally: This information will allow to optimize your ads and your site, and save lots of money. Very different results are obtained with only a few small changes. Try it and you will discover that with little, and above all without more money, wonderful results. Lots of luck! Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article