Sunat Society


To enroll in the single registry of taxpayer (RUC), will fill the forms that apply depending on the type of tax regime in which has decided to avail himself (regime only simplified-RUS-, special regime – RER or general regime). you have to request authorization of printing of pay slips, but before you must have data from the printer, approved by Sunat, where to print them. K) registration SUNAT (RUC)-forms: (a) 2119 (society) (b) 2046 (annexes establishments) (c) 2054 (legal representatives) L) authorization of printing of receipts of payment form. 806-to) general arrangements, and, b) special regime. LL) authorization and MUNICIPAL operating license.-in the municipality of the district where you will install your business must process the license of operation which may be provisional or final. the amount will vary depending on the municipality, but shall not exceed one tax unit tax (ITU).

The license has a not less than one year and your granting validity does not oblige their activities immediately. the renewal will be automatic as long as you do not use or zoning change. Legalization of the book of forms and registration in ESSALUD once registered society with legal personality, will require the book of form of payment of remunerations to the Ministry of labour or its dependencies in provinces be legalized. then go to ESSALUD or the banco de la nacion and request the forms for the registration of workers who deliver duly filled to the same bank. (M) registration for ESSALUD.-employers, should sign up for bringing a payroll record, after 10 days of commencing work activities in society. And workers should enroll in the AFP. ((N) acquisition of records accounting according to its Constitution with tax effect FORMA.