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Living With Joy

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Have you ever watched a dog or cat smiling? One of the great mysteries of human nature is that we are the only ones able to smile big difference is subtle and shows us that our destiny is happiness. Have you thought about who taught a blind little newborn smile? We all come into this world with the star of joy. The mythology developed around leaders shows us the grim, serious and humorless, when in reality, and of course each in his way has been deeply happy. Only they who desired to conquer stress, but they do not quit trying to achieve, by contrast, pessimists are given by defeated and abandoned the fight at the first adversity. How do you explain the lives of so many leaders the enormous tenacity? Many of them were marked with hardly conceive that adversity can be overcome: Gaby Brimmer, Edison, Helen Keller, Churchill, Honda, Socrates, Jesus Christ, in short, the common denominator: Optimism, faith in your dreams, joy found in the same struggle. We should not expect to be happy only when we achieve success, it is vitally important to learn to enjoy the journey and not wait until you reach the top. Some people apparently are happy for no reason, these beings have been able to incorporate into your lifestyle a positive and optimistic and has been through the habit of finding a reason to be happy everyday and even though you do not believe we all have every day a cause to laugh and be happy.