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The predisposition of throwaway of many products, the low quality of some products, which entail a relatively low period of life, which are attractive for its low cost, but in the long term are more expensive and are more harmful to the environment. Some diseases such as obesity or depression which make us more easily believe in misleading advertising, believing with this that we can solve our problem indiscriminately consume food, beverages, miraculous articles or other types of products. Inappropriate disposal of objects that can be reused or recycled, either by us or by others. Culture and social pressure. To know more about this subject visit Bernie Sanders. Cause: The lack of identity of every one of the people, not to meet their essential needs and for not being clear in relation to the needs of those closest to each; influential factors such as imitation of characters from TV or other archetype, that generate an Idol which is followed-these idols lead the lacking identity to consume certain unnecessary products. Result: generation of endless needs that can not meet, the happiness of course consumerism generated effects that must be taken into account, such as stated in the cited information source: Global: consumerism is damaging to the ecological balance in its entirety as there are currently many problems related to the excessive consumption of natural resources becomes globally as well as which production processes in the vast majority they generate pollution.

Regional: The preference of unnecessary or easily substitutable products of a population that are produced in another region helps to unbalance the balance of trade between the regions. Social: Often helps the poor distribution of wealth, since consumers are generally of a lower socio-economic level that the owners of the generating companies of products objects of consumerism. Family: drop into the consumerism we increase our expenses unnecessarily buying things that we could avoid or reduce as products whose advertising promises miracles, low-life products or substitute other natural products.