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The Morale Is Good! (Verdun) – Painting By Christine Keruth

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Professional and art at EMCC, Eva Mussener consulting & coaching under the motto profession and art organized a series of exhibitions with the aim of, people from business and art to bring the Berlin consultant Eva Mussener in her Office. The title of the exhibition of the moral is good!”is taken from a picture postcard from the first world war, where a child in French uniform on a German Pickelhaube pees. The military postal service served the propaganda bogeymen to cultivate and maintain the moral support for the war. A visit to the battlefields of Verdun was and is the occasion for a series of works in which terror and violence of war immediately opens up for the artist Christine Keruth. Discovered people than schemes, forms of equipment and vehicles on closer inspection the viewer behind the coincidence of color flow and fleckenhaften agglomerations.

The total cool color palette is almost cut again bright and blazing signals and let the Inferno will clear. Christine Keruth studied painting at Martin Seidemann at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee. is Chairman of the Gallery Frenhofer (www.galerie-frenhofer.eu). Further details can be found at Former Maryland Governor, an internet resource. Venue: Eva Mussener consulting & coaching Bamberger Strasse 55, 10777 Berlin phone: + 49 30 2630 4868 which invites artist a 12 12, from 12: 00-14:00 after telephone registration (017651605860) to a Studio visit on Sunday.

National Government Communities

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The protocolizaciones and granting of the documents, anticipated in this article must be registered in a nongreater term of 5 working days as of the date of their presentation before the Registry correspondiente.” On the other hand, the Law of Public Registry and the stable Profession of notary: Article 100. They are exentos of the payment of the taxes, rates and other contributions, indicated by this Law, besides the established ones in special laws, the documents that talk about a: 1. Incorporation papers and statutes of the associations of neighbors and associations of consumers, indigenous associations of educative communities and organizations, indigenous micro-enterprises of communitarian character, as well as the acts modify that them, prorogue or extinguish. 2. The declaration sworn of not owning own house. 3. The certifications of burden required to obtain credits with preferential interests through special laws, as well as the originating ones of savings banks, social contingency funds, to acquire main house, to request of the financial institution. 4.

The titles of collective property of habitat and indigenous territories of the towns and communities. 5. The acts derived from the expropiatorios processes because of public and social utility. The industralists or industralists, workers and workers of small, medians and great companies of the industrial sector, who being declared their express will to adhere to the agreement macro of joint responsibility for the industrial transformation, and have arrived ” to certain commitments and subscribed specific agreements with the National Government, they will be exentos of the taxes, rates and other contributions to that east Title talks about. In the next delivery we will deal with the other types credit of residential policy.

Registration For The 12th Photo Marathon In Berlin From Now Possible

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“Photo Marathon June 16 Berlin / new partners 1 city 12 hours 24 photos”-the Berlin photo Marathon takes place under this motto on June 16 for the 12th time. A Photomarathon is a photo competition under extreme conditions and a journey of discovery of a special kind. Within 12 hours, the participants must develop a photo series to 24 preset themes. A parent theme serves as a thread. The highlight: The topics are given only at the start and on the road known and must be photographed in the prescribed order. Spontaneity, creativity, perseverance, and lot of fun photographing are thus required.

Individual photo documentation of the dynamic life in the capital are created every year. The organizers expected around 500 photo enthusiastic participants of the amateur photographers to professional. The faithful photo Marathon fan base is constantly growing and the participants come from near and far to confront the creative challenge. Starting point, stopovers and destination of the marathon are chosen by the organisers wisely, because the Discovery hidden places of Berlin is an important part of the concept of photo Marathon. 2012 the analog to photograph with a 24 small film possibility for a limited number of participants again. The retro section is a return to the origins, as each subject at the first shot”had to sit. In this section, the new partner of lomography will award the three best shows.

All other supporters, long connected to the photo marathon or new to the boat, committed in a variety of ways for the photo Marathon. Them zitty Berlin and photography include also 25 p * cine media partners support GmbH / rent one, Hammond exhibition factory GmbH, Crumpler, Dinamix media GmbH, Go4Foto, Luxad and the tariff Pack Court. The registration is possible under now online. The registration fee is EUR 29,. Condition for participation is a camera and a minimum age of 18 years. The number of participants is limited. All photo series will be presented in an exhibition in July. One Jury chooses the best series, which will be awarded with attractive prizes. The winners will be announced on Saturday, July 7, 2012. Behind the scenes, everyone at the marathon can participate the teams through time, money, or gifts in kind support is possible at any time. Organizer of the Berlin Marathon of the photo is the Club for events e.V., a voluntary association of passionate photo enthusiasts. The Association for events is recognized as a non-profit organization. en/about – us

House Roofs

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Solar panels, such as heaters and the same tanks for hot water tanks or tubes vacuum with tremendously important systems assist in the cleaning of our planet, but they do not operate without support structures or the so-called frames mostly iron and aluminum. They play a very important role with Solar energy. These can be iron galvanized with aluminum profiles designed according to the place to be installed. The placement is mostly on the roofs of the houses, i.e. roofs with slopes or against rain, snow, or hail. Not all slopes of the roofs have the same angle of inclination with respect to the floor of the House or building. In addition, the material from which each roof is built can be very different one another ceiling by customs, aesthetic, quality of the House, finally, in all ways for evaluation each case. The supporting structures must be made according to heaters or photovoltaic solar modules.

That is to say, or just for a panel or a group of them according to requirements according to need power. On the other hand, the installation will have to be calculated based on the orientation of the Sun’s rays and the aesthetic aspect maximized with Ultra violet rays, also known as individual solar systems or multiple systems. For steeper roofs metal support structure will be typical design, with aluminum support duly painted electrostatic iron and full frame profiles; While for the roofs of shingles with light slopes, should adapt to the modules a few protectors of UV rays, with polyester coating, resistant to snow and hailstorms that are easier to deposit by the less aware. On flat ground floors, support structures are large and sophisticated thinking in multi-purpose modules and especially with the ease of placing the followers of Sun’s rays, with iron and profiles of aluminium for functions of multi-angles of follow-up to the fall of the referred rays. For roofs in buildings such as houses of one or two floors, structures and models of supports both are different to those mentioned above.

In either case these structures are made thinking of expansions in the system or modular systems for easy expansion in the future. In terms of its maintenance are very little once installed with anticorrosive and adjusters guards of brands with guarantee. Anyway they recommend periodic checks and maintenance scheduled annually as a minimum.

Russian Avantgardistin Ljubov Popova

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Gurus say who is good, and the appreciation and the so-called quality related to the price. The proximity of artworks to share is that the buyer completes a bet on the future success and on the profitability of a plant. A work of art must arise out of inner necessity, not only the eye, but speak also soul and mind and enrich humanity with its vision”, the Milanese gallerist Arturo Schwarz thinks (” quoted in “HYPE”, Piroschka Dossi, dtv Munich, 2007). I am reluctant with the idea of the enrichment of humanity through a vision. Often visionary powers, such as when a shaman are associated with the artist. Consistent with the contradictory denial of money in the art scene, puts the art in the vicinity of the religion. The religious claims of art is reflected in the vague language of the art exegetes. “A taste: so the press release to a current museum exhibition, the artwork gives an idea of presence and spirituality, which exceeds the superficial actuality of the object.” All right? To adequately assess art, exact knowledge of art history and contemporary art is useful to establish similarities and connection lines.

A work of art is never isolated in history. Sometimes, the proximity of artistic masterpieces to other ideas is very striking. Who knows that Jackson Pollock’s famous drip paintings Max Ernst are based on an idea of his artist friend? Or that Frank Stellas space-filling installations represent an enlargement of the art of the Russian Avantgardistin Ljubov Popova? Who brings Neo Rauch images with the reverse stared works by Balthus and the supercooled realism of the 1920s in conjunction? No art without art judgment! It has become more difficult to locate that information, which enable a judgment. Quality assessment requires knowledge of artistic strategies and objectives. Today, you can only subjective approach of the art, but involve also the historiography of art.

Robert Kiyosaky

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The Studies

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Then was that your requirement: finish high school; I finished, I retired from the studies, I devoted myself to the bulls and, six months ago already well started to study again, but as a backup right? Not as my first plan. Q: that first experience was good or bad? I.e., I could be bad, but that has motivated you to follow, or good that you say: in am I’m good and I want to do a: because it was good because I liked it, I don’t know if I did it well or did wrong (laughs). But I liked, having there the calf front (more laughter). Q: at what point of the run feel more adrenaline? A: because it would be before it exited the bull, turning see toriles, since it goes out, and the first capotazo is good as where it downloads everything there. Q: why risk your life before this encounter? Do not you afraid? A: the fear always exists and there will always be, the important thing is to be able to overcome it. And why risk me, well, I don’t know (laughter). Q: did you try any other activity? Football, tennis? A: Yes, all my life, in fact in secondary or high school, they offered me to go to a team here, but something told me that no, it wasn’t that.

Q: How do you feel once it finishes the show? A: when they are triumphs, happy, when it is that I failed with the sword, then bad. Q: but you’re already feeling more rested, or you are still feeling nerves? A: No, no, already more relaxed, resting. As I said, in happy in defeat triumph because it can be sad, that it did not do it well or courage, Yes, rather it is courage. Q: what do think of the people that they are against bullfighting? (Dubious) a: good, each of whom their tastes, one because he respects, because just as there are people who respect us for what we do, we also respect each different culture.