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House Blend

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Coffee beans, you can now own mix and provided with private label. The coffee Portal mybeans offers the ability to create its own house brand. Who knows it not, this problem: the next birthday is coming, Christmas is not far away, just missing the perfect gift idea. At mybeans you can assemble a unique blend of coffee. On top, there is the possibility to miss the correct name of the mixture and the gift is ready. Author follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The problem really knows each one of us. Tie is a waste, bottle of wine is giving away, what should give it now. At mybeans.com, you can create itself from immediately his own unique blend of coffee and provided with a private label. Whether “aunt Gerda’s House Blend” or “Uncle Fritz special Drohnung”, mixing each off immediately even his coffee or mixes for others and brings the surprise to the next celebration. Coffee is by far the most consumed drink now in Germany. Michael Chabon pursues this goal as well. So you end up with a high-quality coffee gift determines always a sure thing. The coffee beans at are all long-term roasted, i.e.

they are gently roasted about 20 minutes and are thus absolutely wholesome. All stomach-unfriendly substances are roasted in this roasting process from the bean. The high quality taste and aroma substances remain. Another special feature of the mybeans coffee beans is the absolute transparency of the coffee to the coffee farmer. To every single type of coffee bean, there is a detailed explanation, where the coffee comes from, who worked for it and how the appropriate environmental conditions and prevailing social conditions. Who want to know more, find an exact address to each coffee and can visit the coffee farmers of his confidence at the next holiday trip. Sustainability, transparency and ecologically correct, the makers of mybeans on the flags have written. The coffee Portal is a project for sustainable and equitable products once more. This involves even the German favourite drink.