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United Nations

How could we live if we cut or for any reason we do not have drinking water and electric power at the same time. In addition what would we do when in these moments we feel extremely hot or cold for many continuous days. Big problem: no power, no lighting, no climate suitable for our body, threatened by hunger, without universal access to water and sanitation as a human right, and on the other, without the integrated management of water resources or actions of communication, basic education or joy to the development of basic ecosystems; could we live humanly normal? Therefore, in the cities our routine life would in the midst of nauseating odours and deplorable attitude unfortunately that compared with the countryside and rural areas some obvious palliative without total solution, can be found because neither ensures the life in the andes without drinking water. Many representatives in large or medium-sized blocks have been joined and met to address precisely this phenomenon, which each year progresses and becomes a mere concern on a large scale by global warming, natural disturbances and the continuity of the processes of transformation of matter raw material for the manufacture of appliances and products mil with traditional technologies using oil, coal and gas. Assemblies of the United Nations to strengthen the commitment of cooperation against less developed populations, are common to read as news but not as hopeful as that we are totally confident. The countries of the world should reach by 2015 half of pollutant reduction produced for 10 years. How much has progressed, is a question no exact answer. Center of implementation of public policies in the world ensure reach proposed goals to gain access to safe water, electricity without penalty and better living environments.

But we measure such security. We have to be optimistic. We’ll be thinking and making hopeful achievements. The commitment continues to avoid to add the issue of the health of the living being on the planet Earth. Solution? The answer lies in each of us.

Meanwhile, there are signs that Yes it is possible to replace the source of electrical power with known exploitation of solar energy and wind energy system not to mention the energy of biomass and geological sources. In terms of the availability of water, which is vital in case of shortage, although not in its large scale nor for the whole world, would solution with the availability of systems of collectors of rainwater (gutters, collectors, suction pumps with photovoltaic systems, storage tanks or cement watertight) at least where we have takes it rains. To finish these possibilities we have the goodness of build our homes with criterion of improvement techniques in terms of ventilation and/or covered with shade as to make more pleasant our lives, for example walls trombe and ceilings in homes with natural forage and/or with argillaceous shingles in popular towns.