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all very real possibilities, but directly at variance with the fundamental articles of faith of any form of organized Christianity and therefore in principle denied and stigmatized as "heresy" and "anathema." From here you begin to make very difficult hold as many articles of faith, so many mysteries, so many allegories, many "literary license" of the four authors … have to make many ropes to avoid or explain the contradictions and gaps to fill … also to the believer to understand the substantial differences between the texts of the Bible and the Catechism content …. (Example?: Compare the 10 commandments in both texts) do not think the decision is the product of a thorough analysis of the contents and I doubt, in light of those selected, which have made extensive comparisons of all texts " Candidate looking for inconsistencies or omissions, it seems unlikely that these four texts contain the absolute totality of history and understand why no logical reason can be disposed Olympian an undetermined number of testimonies that the underlying facts as described and narrated the life of Christ and his missionary work and saving … when strict logic to greater abundance of documentary evidence and testable data would be more difficult to refute the veracity of what is told: nothing more and nothing less than the basal support of a religion that, at the time, and was emerging as a global scope. It ends up being another argument Byzantine … one of the essential elements of the Christian religion in all its forms, sects or "presentations" unconditional acceptance is your interpretation of the hierarchy on the teachings of Christ, participation in rituals for her invented and acceptance and use of outreach materials designated by it, without question, without hesitation, without looking for it everywhere else would be immediately marked with the stigma of failure or the relaxation of the faith … thank God thing today is not a major problem, because one thing is to have faith in God and quite another to have faith in men who self-proclaimed representatives or institutions that were built "as" … and this, in essence, is what's important.