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Importance Of Meditating

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How can you turn your life has the possibility of change in their quality of life? There is only one requirement: WANT change and recognize that aspects of life that are not working well. Otherwise ….. there is no possible solution. You will not have any sense that you want to convince another person about other ways of seeing and living life. So it is always best to start with yourself, there are always areas for improvement, and perhaps, who says, with your own and genuine change, your environment is seen also modified. Read more here: Michael Chabon. Suppose then that you are of those people who want reconnect with your senses in a more active, creative and transcendent. So get to work there are many possible ways to go. Let's start with the body ….

What type of activity you do …. go to the gym, do yoga, perform group meditations, dance in your house, make love, nurture and allow you to receive caresses? A body that does not get touches for more than 45 days, is a body that is losing the record of love sense of physical love, as each 45 days the skin cells change and renewed by almost 100%, and so the new cells are born prior to registration of receiving love. Imagine what it means for a body will not get touches for more than six months, one year or more. And regarding …. you allow your emotions come to light all the emotions that you live or only some? A soul can not express the anger, rage, jealousy or pain, is a soul that has learned to hide, smiles, enthusiasm and freedom is losing freshness. A soul can not express tenderness, gratitude, sadness, love and joy, is a soul that has learned to suppress the emotions judged as weak and are vulnerable, so it is a soul you're missing the delight of being supported, heard, understood and desired for their ability to love.

Finally, in relation to mind, it is important to note that she is made to think, and it is therefore natural that the pass thinking. It is we who need to resort to it only in situations where necessary and not at any time, we do not know how to relate to the world differently than through rational. The challenge is to ensure that the mind is in our service and we are not slaves to it. It's like teaching a child to ride a bike or a teenager about sexual initiation. It will not do in the first case to give an instruction manual on the latest model of bicycle, much less in the second case give her the Kamasutra. These may be stimuli that serve to go to the field of action, since only every one of us knows what we have felt the first time he rode his bike without training wheels behind, and what we feel in the first sexual encounter (and even if it was our first love affair.) So, breathe deeply, Unbutton a little shirt, take off your tie, loosen your skirt, take off your shoes, leave the glasses on one side, and as the song by Serrat: "Take a walk with your instincts and sun ventilalos today can be a great day, take a chance. " With all the freedom that I can today, I say goodbye until next time. Ignacio Trujillo