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The Fuel

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What is pyrolysis? The basis of gas generator boiler on the principle of pyrolytic incineration (or distillation) of fuel, the essence of which lies in the fact that under the influence of high temperatures and lack of oxygen in dry wood splits on the volatile part – the so-called pyrolysis gas and the solid residue – charcoal (coke). Pyrolysis of wood is carried out at a temperature of 200 – 800 C. You may find Michael Chabon to be a useful source of information. Moreover, this process is exothermic, that is coming with heat, thereby, By the way, improving the heating and drying of the fuel in the boiler, and heating is supplied to the combustion zone air. Mixing oxygen with the highlight of pyrolysis gas at high temperature causes the combustion process the latter, which is then used to generate heat energy. It should be noted that the pyrolysis gas in the combustion process interacts with active carbon, resulting in a flue gas outlet Boiler contain virtually no harmful impurities, and are, for the most part, a mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor. And even the CO2 of a boiler will emit up to 3 times less than conventional wood and, especially, coal boiler. In the process of combustion of pyrolysis produced minimal amounts of soot and ash, so the boiler is less than usual, needs cleaning. From which to choose? To date, the Russian market gasification boilers are offered several manufacturers: ATMOS, DAKON, OLYMP, OPOP, VIESSMANN. As we see, most of them Czech. It is therefore logical to consider the construction and operation of gasification boilers as an example of one of the Czech producers, such as plant DAKON.