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Significantly increases the amount of fiber and antioxidant vitamins, which work is interconnected, supporting and reinforcing each other's action. This biosynthesis "orders" the embryo to give rise to new life! Such biologically active grain carries with it a huge energy potential, in which man needs. A little more about contemporary breads: Let's "intervention" of foreign grain from premixed (just add water) content of all supplements under the infamous sign "E". In all "commercial networks" have their own mini bakery with hot bread. This bread they make from the "imported" from abroad, technology mixes. What else is there ponameshano? As natural bread can be soft for weeks? Custom publishing "horror stories" about the dangers of baker's yeast, calculated that the majority of consumers of bread have little training in biology but who are concerned about your health. As a result, really hurt and harmed consumers who have responded to this "duck" and the industry and the domestic grain market.

The outcome is obvious: as fungi (including the cellars) everywhere have come to counters of our northern country unleavened bread of different variety (like pita). It is reasonable to ask: "Is it fresh bread baking mixes and overseas helped the nation to stay afloat, endure countless tests and hard times that with regularity and sophistication satisfied with us, certainly not friends? ". Do we have the possibility of year-round use fresh vegetables, herbs and roots that help the body to learn the unleavened bread, as "Southerners"? Taught us trusting, respecting foreign promises, and that's get us even through the bread.