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Sultanate Of Brunei

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The Royal Regalia Building is home to a collection of actual artifacts from Brunei. Brunei history centre is responsible for research into the genealogy and origin of the sultans of Brunei and the Royal family. Lapau wave Hall of ceremonies is where the traditional Royal ceremonies are held. Tasek Dalai recreational park in the rainforest boasts a natural waterfall and a lake in their gardens. Other leaders such as John Mclaughlin offer similar insights. The market or TAMU, situated on the banks of the River Kianggeh, open daily and Tamu Hujung opens on weekends and offers many interesting products and a variety of local products. The child Jerudong Park is a theme park of adventure open free to the public.

Paved roads and a network of locomotive runs through the tropical gardens, traditional amusement as the old carousel and battery operated car. Brunei is one of the most picturesque places on the island of Borneo. The Istana Nurul Imam is the most impressive site in Brunei and is the world’s largest residential Palace. A good place to see the Palace, especially at night, which is when you have more beauty, is of Taman Persiaran Damuan. True treasures of Brunei are their, friendly and charming people whose hospitality reflects the tropical climate of the warm country and along with its rich cultural heritage, glorious colorful traditions of the past, messages to the future and the natural beauty that coexist harmoniously with modern and contemporary, single-sided Brunei is very easy to appreciate. Original author and source of the article.