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Las Networks Social Media

If you like good Peruvian food can you are interested this post, since I will mention to chefs, users, companies, participacipan in social networks more popular in the world so far obviously know what social networks since it comes to facebook and twitter. These users are dedicated to spreading the cuisine to your style and has your audience or you grow during the days and weeks. Twitter audience grows so amazing so far 100 million users there are more than 550 million although spreads that not all have account on facebook and active users in the world. A part of myself that I write of gastronomy which I like doing so also there are many more and with greater audience in some that I will mention that diffuse from the Peruvian gastronomy. Well let’s see who they are: Gaston Acurio. This gentleman having more than 207,000 fans on its page on Faceebok and twitter has around 6000 that follow it, spreading the Peruvian gastronomy, its commitment is to bring Peruvian cuisine to the world show renown, brand, image and teach the values to the new generation of chefs as carry Peruvian cuisine since it is only beginning; What feature in my opinion is his humility of how spread the cuisine. Cristhian Bravo. He is dedicated to several things such as Dj, announcer, tv conductor but directs his restaurant Bravo Restobar, listed as one of the 10 best restaurants in Peru since 2006, it has its fans with 3600 fans page.

It has a great charisma and knows how to reach out to people. Sodexo Peru is dedicated to the dissemination of subjects of gastronomy, is a company with long experience in the market of services of food and lodging and spreads through social networks Peruvian cuisine. In your fan page has 1871 people as fans Mistura-is a company that performs gastronomic fairs in the city of Lima, has become so popular in the Peru having only three years, does it clear that fair once a year and this year are preparing for more than 150,000 people in the month of September with chefs recognized Peruvian and international chefs. Your fan page houses 146000 people so far large number. Culinary adventure-my favorite phrase! It is a television program that leads Gaston Acurio, where is dedicated to visit every place and restaurant and taste the delicious dishes according to what dish spreads the program. This program is great your fan page has 102000 people so far.

CatPisco is dedicated to disseminating our Peruvian Pisco, either in your twitter account and facebook like that until a health with an increasingly #Pisco tag sends on twitter. It is great recipes Peruvian- as its name says it diffuses in his blog on how prepares the various Peruvian dishes that mentions the ingredients and preparation. If you like know Peruvian food preparation. Here’s a candidate social networks that help to disseminate as a means of communication to break that barrier to interact with other users. This seems very important to me. Like them I also have my newly created fan page. If you like access to the page.

Reading Books

And you could say it, but if I read all the books that talk about the law of attraction, and the authors say that they make this or that statement and after a few days the order or made desire through such affirmation are true. And in that case I reply them: before applying the law of attraction we must first clean our mind of thoughts and beliefs rooted in it for years. Therefore if we had so many years bombarding our minds with all that limiting information, think you that from one day to the other will get change all those thoughts and negative ideas by a pack of all positivist thoughts. This hard disk which is our mind, such as a computer, is infected and remove these viruses is a process which will take a period of time that must be respected according to each person. The time will depend on the one hand how much us autolimitamos in our life and on the other hand now with that willpower we move from here onwards.

As you may have already read, a limiting or negative thought aborts with its opposite. I.e. before an idea or thought old or new that is negative (they realize even though it wasn’t obvious, because before the will feel depressed or uncomfortable) should change such thinking by its opposite. However it is not my aim, at least in this article, teach them how to apply those opposites, that they already do and may lower them very well many authors whose books I cite in my Web page, where through links that I provide them free electronically. My goal here is to provide one way to find many of these negative thoughts that are hidden in our mind and which negatively influence our lives, but that however we are not able to identify them because they form an integral part of our personality.