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Sacred Scriptures

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Perhaps I one of every hundred? Perhaps… one of every 1,000? Maybe do one of every hundred thousand? Krishna.com.es, gives us in this regard, that a Guru is a teacher. In the most diverse fields of activity, when we are truly interested in learning, we naturally seek a good teacher or master. Spirituality is no exception. The timeless literature of ancient India advises us that we must come closer to a credible spiritual teacher, to be successful in the acquisition of spiritual knowledge.

But what exactly is a credible spiritual teacher? And how we must come closer to such master? This is explained in the following Vedic Verses: just tries to learn the truth by going to a spiritual teacher. Ask questions in a submissive way and serve you. Autorrealizadas souls can impart you with knowledge, because they have seen the truth (Bhagavad-gita 4.34). You may find that Ultra Wellness Center can contribute to your knowledge. To learn the transcendental science, it is essential that a person comes to a teacher spiritual authentic (Guru), belonging to the fixed in the absolute truth and disciplic succession. A spiritual master is part of a historical succession of masters and their teachings must not deviate from the teaching of his predecessors. And Furthermore, the teachings of a guru authentic, must be confirmed by the teachings of the great sages and also by the Sacred Scriptures. I.e.

triple known Sanskrit control system as: guru, sadhu and shastra. A genuine guru, moreover, must be fixed on the significance, be fully instructed in the knowledge of the Scriptures, not be interested and a completely dedicated to God servant. One can ask if a chain of teachers can transmit exactly a spiritual message, from one person to another, for a long period of time, without alteration. This is possible, in the same way as it is possible that a postman deliver messages unaltered, unadulterated. Transcendental knowledge is only transmitted by a totally honest spiritual teacher whose teachings are confirmed by the sadhus (sages) and the shastra (the Scriptures). Other qualities of the authoritative spiritual master, that allow us to easily know who is a genuine spiritual teacher and who not, were detailed in books of great scholars Vedic definitely in this walk, one must be attentive and able to identify to a guru, as he is said through actions that are examples of growth, learn to share, light our candle to illuminate our own wisdomThis manifests and lengthwise helps us to find the path where is our own master, this result be attentive, transform our weaknesses, be genuine, know how to use our potential, especially the divine. We must avoid falling into the illusionism, fanaticism, determine who is the guru that really helps us to grow, although the work must perform it each. It should not be forgotten, that has been said, that the best guide, the most reliable leader, the most competent authority will only find within oneself. We are reminded that the true miracle consists in waking, rescuing our being. But we want someone to do for us the miracle of this miracle and also searching other banal, made miracles portentous, supernatural, unusual looking for a guru or a fakir? True inner Alchemy you want or what you want is surprised seeing as the lead becomes gold?.