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For example, an heir, which takes over a house, apartment or other dwelling, the testator may impose the obligation to give to another person (legatee) right to use this premises. That is the heir to the apartment owner, but the legatee would be entitled to use the housing. For more information see Angie Dickinson. Heir as owner of the right to perform with his legacy of any transaction, without asking the consent of the legatee. That is dwelling can sell, donate, etc., but the transfer of ownership housing to the other person does not mean the end of a legacy. Third, the right to use the living room can follow from the treaty annuity of a dependent. Under a contract of lifetime support of a dependent beneficiary rents belonging to it passes the house, apartment, land or other real estate in property rent payer, who undertakes to carry out maintenance of a dependent life annuity recipient or a third person. Recipient of the rent as well as the recipient of a legacy, right freely and equally with the owner to use the residential premises unless otherwise stipulated by the maintenance of a dependent life. For even more details, read what John Krasinski says on the issue. Sell a dwelling in this case is possible only with prior consent recipient of the rent.

But after selling the recipient of rent will continue to live in the apartment (unless otherwise stipulated in the contract rent). Evicted, and accordingly, and remove the registration of citizens of the above categories against their will is impossible. One can only agree with them through peaceful negotiations, offering as compensation certain compensation – monetary or otherwise. Information for Buyers Buyers should be aware of housing, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 558 of the Civil Code an essential condition of the contract of sale of premises in which persons live, preserve, in accordance with the law right to use that room after his purchase the buyer is a list of such persons with their right to use. That is, the seller must not only notify the buyer of such persons, but also in the contract should specify such a circumstance.

Write down the information to the seller of the apartment of man against his will is only possible on the basis of judicial decisions. To do this it must be recognized it had lost the right to use residential premises. If the apartment is prescribed by the citizens (which the law allows us to write), it is not an obstacle to sales. Sell an apartment it is possible, and it does not even need to ask the consent of the registered nonowners, but only in most cases this will affect the final cost of the property. After all, as long as the person is not discharged, the cost of utilities will be higher, moreover, is the new owner will have to run, to write such citizens.

Autonomous Heating House

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Independent heating home Looking for an effective heating system at home? Pay attention to our proposal. We propose to establish an effective home heating system based on heat pumps. Right now you can order our unique system of heating homes based on heat pumps! Come, call and ask questions: Address: 04071, Str. Kostyantynivska, 22/17, of.23, Tel. (044) 504-08-09, (050) 323-27-35, (067) 785-51-53; All equipment offered by our company, officially comes to Ukrainian market, and has certificates of quality conformance. Let us briefly discuss the features of our predlozheniya.Avtonomnoe house heating: heat pumps from "Termoimpuls" In basis of the proposed heating system at home, we put a unique equipment – Heat pumps. The principle of operation of heat pumps is simple: take heat from the environment and moves into the house.

With this you get a unique ability to effectively heat the house, and heat the water. Heat pumps are ideal for heating houses and have unique technical characteristics, cost and ease of installation. There are several options for home heating systems, depending on the heat nasosa.Avtonomnoe house heating: heat pumps air to water for outdoor installation in the foundation of the home heating system heat pumps laid Vesper , Series AW ** H, designed for installation outside the heated space. These heat pumps are used as air-source heat pump in the modes of air / water and air / air when working with fan coil units. Power the heat pump is 12 kW (A7/W35). Features a heat pump: automatic control system;; installed capacity of 3 kW heater and hot water circulation pump, use a soft start function in units with single connected to the mains; rugged body design made of stainless steel.

Independent heating homes, made on the basis of the equipment, provides efficient heating and hot water supply in premises. Right now, order the equipment for an effective heat your home based on the heat pump air-water interface and solve the problem with the creation of an efficient heating system doma.Avtonomnoe heating homes: ground source heat pumps / water, water / water for domestic heat pumps installed ground-water perfect for heating the house during the year. The principle of their selection is based on solar energy stored in bowels of the earth. Because of this pump, heat accumulated in the soil, delivered directly to the heating system. Independent heating homes this type of design that heaters Vesper , a series of GSWW-** H, designed for installation inside a heated space. This equipment belongs to the type of ground heat pumps running in the brine / water and water / water intercooled (optional) for ground water as a heat source. Home heating system is created on the basis of ground heat pump GSWW-10H, c rated thermal input of 10 kW (B0/W35). Heat pump provides efficient space heating and cooking domestic hot water. Features a heat pump GSWW-10H: automatic control with the controller Siemens; the presence of three-position switching valve and circulating pump feeding the heating circuit; installed inside the heater 3 kW. Please note that home heating based on heat pump is an effective solution to low investment costs. This equipment easy to install and service, it does not adversely impact on the environment. Right now, order unique home heating system based on heat pumps GSWW-10H, and also ask our experts your questions.