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Language Extroverts

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I am confident that you can already tell who you are – an extrovert or an introvert. So, for the successful development of foreign language extroverts need two essential conditions – is communication and competition. If an extrovert have the ability to communicate in a foreign language or to compete with anybody in the number of learned words or other successes – the learning process will move much faster! For the introvert in learning foreign languages other conditions are important. Introverts need a clear plan of work on the language and understanding of the internal logic of language. US Senator from Vermont spoke with conviction. In this communication in a foreign language introvert may be a burden at times – people do not like to talk to. Perhaps you ask me, to whom is my course 'Generic improved foreign languages! " – For extroverts and introverts for? I have good news for you – my course was developed with taking into account the psychological characteristics of different people! And because extroverts find it unique tips on how to effectively and free to organize communication in a foreign language through the Internet and achieve with communication and successful work on the language of incredible success in its development! For introverts in my course is particularly interesting seems clear plan for incremental development of any foreign language and information on how to properly study grammar – not based on rote learning and understanding the structure of the language! And if you, as long as you can not accurately be attributed to themselves extroverts or introverts – in any case, you will surely find in my course that is right for you. Why? Because the course is "Universal methods improved foreign languages!" – It's not a hard set of rules and requirements, and flexible system of effective methods, proven by personal experience! Good luck, and do not forget that if you order a course right now – that tomorrow will be able to make a confident step on the right path to effective development of any foreign language! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – collection twisters on a huge range of languages (more than a hundred). Well coached diction! Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Discover the language independently and effectively

Translation Technology

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We live and work in a very interesting time. This rate of development of new technologies has never been. With the advent of the new millennium began rapid development, both in industry and in IT-technologies. In the late 90's, if who remember, we were surprised the first mobile phone that has the form of the portable radios, working on a computer with just two or three programs, record information on diskettes, etc. Here and translators in the days to to translate, searched the computer throughout the city: the familiar, in institutions or in the early computer clubs.

And who does not have such an opportunity, published a translation into a typewriter or bring translation, written by hand, and in the office Translation begged the computer to type text. But that all changed with the rapid development of the Internet. Programmers began to develop new programs. These programs are designed for translators, as well as for independent translation of a few sentences. This brings me to the main topic of this article. So, after all, help or hinder modern technology in the translation? Very well that to facilitate the work translator, created a lot of programs, such as Translation Memory – Exchange translation memory, PROMT Express – text translation system, X-Translator Discovery – a program to convert any texts from German and others. On the Internet you can find many electronic translators, who help to translate texts from any language. As well developed programs to help design transfers Transform PDF file – text converter from PDF format into Word, Photoshop – scanning to the translation patterns, FineReader – to recognize Text and others.

These technologies facilitate the work of the translator and increase its efficiency. Increases the rate of translation of texts. Earlier, seven or eight years ago, the translator could overpower a day from 3 to 6 pages, now with such assistants productivity interpreter can reach up to 25 pages per day. And, note the number of translated text quality does not suffer. But at the same time, these programs and impede the work of an interpreter. This is mainly refers to the unfair and not honest translators, who for the rate of its translation from which affect their earnings, making the machine translation and in this form to hand over customers. Naturally, such a transfer You can not use. To do this, and there is translation, so as not to give opportunities to earn a dishonest translators using modern technology. In the translation the translator does not receive money for his translation, while it will not accept the translation manager, after watching the editor, and after approval by the customer. Such conditions allow us to observe the quality of translation, and modern technology helps translators to strengthen and develop their knowledge.

Learning English Successfully

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Rely on themselves rather than a teacher, tutor or course books is no secret that we love when we are in life by the hand. Passive behavior requires less energy than active, and your body will save force. Such a system is laid since birth, first we were dependent on their parents, then relied on the teachers at school, then a university or institute with the teachers, and more – and work supervisor. As you can see, paternalistic (Here is a buzzword!) system permeates many areas of our lives, so it is not surprising that people are afraid of responsibility and do not share “the study of language ‘and’ language learning in the classroom.” But this is different concepts. As a result of abdication of responsibility and vozlaganiya it to a teacher you become easier, no doubt about it. But that’s just what the teacher is now responsible for your English, you do not inform him set.

It is also not the fact that, even if you reported this news, he will take on this responsibility. And even if it takes – he still sits in class with a dozen people, also laid the responsibility, so you will at best case will get exactly 1 / 10 or 1 / 15. Now consider the example of a tutor. Like all good: Coach deals with you how, when, where and how much you want. Yes, only trouble is that the possibility of a tutor, too limited, and learn for you it still will not. Besides, studying with a tutor, you risk the entire narrow English to English language specific person, as well as pick up all errors, lotions, and especially its language, and even distorting on its own. No, I do not think coaches absolute evil, but their approach suffers from one-sidedness. Martin O?Malley will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You get used to only one voice, accent, grammar explanation and methodology.

Also in classes with a tutor for some creates the illusion of a chosen people, and they believe that “everyone now knows, and God only said, and over the head with them shining halo. Something like a VIP club for the elite. Another consideration should be given courses and language schools. Yes, group lessons good. Textbooks are generally too new and modern. There are technical means. However, the drawback is, again, passive, or rather, reactive behavior of one of those “that say what I’m doing.” Also in the group you pay only 10% of the total time spent in class. And the entire group moves at a speed of the slowest student. That is, you have to listen several times explained the theme that you already know perfectly well. Or do the tasks that you just are not interesting. Or communicate with members and hear them wrong question. I wish you as soon as possible to realize that success in angliskom depends on your energy and desire. In the next section we let’s talk about another error – error of loose thinking. Good luck in learning English!

Speech Heroes

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Depending on the speed of understanding the experience of people different configurations. For example, a university teacher may be high, as he has often used foreign language. Students who need a foreign language just to read the exam and to transfer 2.3 proposals, speed can not exceed even a 5 words per minute. Yet for all its flaws structural method has an absolute advantage – it is the depth of assimilation. In that case, if a person reacted to the comprehension of grammatical rules with due diligence, the foreign language for a long time does not fly out of his mind, even if he will not use it for a long time. And if in 10-15 years, this man sees fit to resume training, the whole store of knowledge quickly restored. Now, we define an alternative approach to learn a foreign language. Once upon a time with me at the university attended by one person.

He mastered the English captions on the movies. He watched movies, took the words from proposals and sought them in the dictionary. And this process was so impressed that a couple of years has reached an excellent level sufficient for entry to university. Another friend taught the language from books with translation. Probably exactly these examples are very, very much, but all the cases they use the constructive approach of language learning, the essence of which lies in the assimilation is not the language system, and specific cases of its use.

Speech Heroes of feature films – is a particular case of constructive language, printed text books – it's also a special case of language use. Functional approach – a good alternative to the structural approach, although not deprived of its negative aspects. In particular, we can very quickly pick up some phrases and expressions, but very easy to forget them, because under them will not be principled basis in the form of an understanding of grammar. Credit: John Mclaughlin-2011. But all Cons pales before another advantage of the functional approach – the study of contemporary living language, rather than theoretical and tedious set of rules. Movies, literature, radio broadcasts – it is all modern operating language! You can ask a reasonable question – what approach to choose? How best to learn a foreign language? In the classes necessary to mix elements of structural and functional techniques. Thus, you build up your structural-functional method of language learning.

Czech Republic

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The hardest part – is to get yourself on a regular basis to deal with. Time to classes I was given in the morning. No time to escape the daily problems, I immediately sat down at the books. But unfortunately, I was not 100% sure that everyone understands and pronounce correctly, because there was nobody to correct me. Then I found a Czech student to correspond to the site and Skype began to train more effectively.

Advantages of the method: training at virtually no cost; incredible amount of useful information; training of conversational Language; new friends from abroad; classes at a convenient time; a variety of teaching methods. Disadvantages of the method: requires strict control and self-organization; difficult to learn the correct articulation. Direct communication with the carrier CZECH LANGUAGE But the most interesting time was when I moved to the Czech Republic. Communicating with native speakers – it is very important and most effective way to learn. Not for nothing courses in the Czech Republic, designed for only a few months, sometimes much more effective classes on their own or six months in the country with their own language. Immersion in the environment and the constant communication with native speakers work wonders.

The only catch – it is the most expensive way study. But if you want to study or work in the Czech Republic, the best way to learn is not found. Even a trip to the grocery store turns into a lesson with a theme for you is very important and, therefore, understandable and easily memorability.