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Cranfield University

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Currently an airplane trip can be powered with a vast sea of algae, which grow near many of the major airports of the world, this is a renewable energy project that is being implemented for four years to somewhat mitigate the harmful consequences caused by the greenhouse caused largely by the use of fossil fuels. Some of the giants of the Aeronautics as British Airways and Airbus industry are supporting the project from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom to investigate ways of harvesting algae to fuel aircraft in commercial quantities. ere. The main objectives of this project are to improve the efficiency of fuel from here until the year 2050. the best airlines and aviation companies are improving their efficiency in fuel used in around 1.5 percent per year, but the whole aviation industry is growing a 4 and 5 percent a year. Similarly, to maintain this growth and the current levels of optimization are taking other measures, including the use of alternative fuels in low carbon and economic incentives, but as is needed to counteract the effects of climate change until it’s too late. Cranfield researchers argue that the algae present are a better option than other biofuels that do not compete with land for food production. Technology already allows the use of biofuels in planes, but the challenge is to produce large amounts of this alternative and renewable energy.

A great advantage of the algae is that it can be harvested every 7 to 12 days, this gives to get 30 to 50 harvests a year, compared with a year compared to conventional crops. The big problem is to get sufficient biomass to cater to the industry without having an adverse effect and not going to provoke an environmental collapse in nearby years. The researchers also examined whether algae can be grown near airports to avoid the environmental costs in the distribution of fuel in the world. If you have to use tanker trucks to carry it and put it around the world, it would not be something ecological, would have a strong impact on the environment and much less would be viable. The solution to the aviation fuel is likely come from a variety of sources and this is only one of them. If there is a lesson in all forms of renewable energy, is that you there is an only means of finding it. The key to sustainability is to not put all your eggs in one basket.