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Brehima had eagerly waited for this meeting with me and my driver. Full hopes on a good Commission by selling the vehicles. We wanted to be middle of January here originally in Mali, but the African watches run just much slower. Already the border lasted from Spain to Morocco boring ten days. Read additional details here: Author. This period brought the blood in me to cook because it went no further. To spend new year’s Eve in the no man’s land between the two countries, to be subjected to the harassment of the border guards, and to sink into the mud consumed on the nerves.

Continue through a seemingly endless desert, my companion and I were against the. We were packed with spare parts for vehicles and tons of clothes for the children in the Sahel, about 800 liters of diesel fuel in barrels that were questionable moored… Dreno kassmannas book is as of September 2007 in the Bettina Peters Verlag Tel. 06252-687868, under the title: live your dream, blows of fate included ISBN No. 978-3-939691-73-0 to get.

My novel can be ordered directly through my address above or through the Publisher on the homepage. The book has 375 pages and is 128 x 190 mm in size. Also I would like to point out, the one euro per book sold to the “parents association children with cancer” in East Frisia. The plot of the novel, and all stories and events are fictitious. Similarities with living and deceased persons would be purely coincidental and are neither wanted nor intended by the author. This also applies to any homonyms. A liability of the author or the Publisher and his representative for persons, damage to property and pecuniary losses is excluded.