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Unobtrusive Beauty

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From time immemorial it was thought that silver has miraculous properties, it was the favorite metal sorcerers and alchemists, indispensable in the treatment of various ailments. In Persia, Egypt, India and China, silver and healed kings and the mob. Same ring sterling – the symbol of infinity, but because – of divinity, silver rings were in ancient times, sacred symbols of supreme power and mysterious charms. So far, in some countries of Central Asia women begin to cook, after having put in the hands of a ring of silver. And in today's cities, no matter how strange this fact may seem, is reviving the tradition of wearing rings, amulets, rings and so-called 'Save and save '. Few will be able to say to what the roots of this tradition goes back even though we are talking about the first centuries of Christianity! Even in ancient Byzantine goldsmiths specially produced rings charms for the nobility (many museums around the world preserve examples of the ancient sacred ornaments). Most often, security silver rings are on the surface images of the saints.

The rings used in the ceremonies of betrothal and marriage, that marriage is sacred and protected in the future of young children spouses. A little later began to create a ring with conservatory and the words: people believed that these magical ring of protection from evil forces lying in wait for man on his path of life. Closer to the Middle Ages to the ring began to look how to decorate and mark social status, to invent a variety of processing techniques of silver. Several distinct types of processing of the Rings: gilding, niello, rhodium (rhodium-coated surface). Thus, in XVI-XVII centuries. Dawn reaches the technique of "blackening".

"Blackening of silver" is capable of applying the product picture of extraordinary beauty by fusing black and silver. But towards the end of XVIII century in the jewelry was time classicism, reflected – increasingly – in drawings jewelry: simple, restrained and solemn figure replaced splendor "blackening". In the XIX century is increasingly being used floral design, back decorative pattern, there is a technique of "gold plating". Gold, applied a thin layer of silver rings, increases their value and quality, creating a unique and incomparable with anything comparable style. Silver rings stronger than gold, associated with the style, the majority of women have a few rings, they are in a very distinct situations. Silver rings are available at a price you can always find one that will not be burdensome to family budget, and please buy a silver ring can not only women but also men. Designers appreciate the very high silver jewelery, since it is easily combined with different stones, from zircons and diamonds to amber and agate. With silver jewelers can work without harm to their own fantasies and his own idea. There is a silver ring is an ideal of simplicity and elegance, there is a ring, affecting its splendor. There is a ring with ornaments, large and small, synthetic, natural and semi-precious stones, delicate line of vintage rings, intricate art nouveau rings of blackened and light silver. Rings can be modest and shocking, screaming and mad, a variety of shapes and sizes, the original designer of the overall plan. Always possible to find and buy silver rings and set them in a pair of earrings and pendant and chain, which are sure to delight the heart of a sweet lady and would be a good gift for anniversary, birthday or wedding (anniversary).