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The Payment

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If not you can increase your income, you can reduce your financial commitments. On this side of the money you can: reduce your expenses eliminate unnecessary expenses and impulsive purchases refinance your mortgage, if there are better deals to cancel credit cards, so that not to continue increasing debts using coupons of discounts on necessary purchases other ideas more third face: what you have you left anything after paying your debts and buy what is necessary? This side will be sad or smiling, depending on the balance that you can make between the two sides earlier. And you know that, probably, you can control only one of them. Not enough money remains to many people. One of the biggest complaints I hear, when I talk about the importance of saving it is: I have not left to save. If we treat the savings as a leftover, never we assess it. That is the main cause for which people have no savings and we do have many debts: because we have the inverted values.

In reality, most appreciate credit, that mystical power that allows us to have things here and now. The fourth face: saving but were not three faces? Well, I present the face of money that few know and it is, in reality, which has more power. Who has savings has the power to decide to take a vacation, invest in your home, take the children to take a ice cream and other things. Another advantage is to be able to sleep at night, knowing that the furniture that has are yours, who may face an emergency and you don’t have to endure crap to his patron. Saving is made easy when you treat it as an obligation, as if you’re paying yourself. In fact, I have heard experts say that saving is the first thing that one should separate when cobra salary. If saving is a priority, the expenses will be subject to what remains, including the payment of interest to credit cards. For my money it is committed to help you to have proper control of your money. Don’t forget to sign up on our website to receive the free mini-curso of 5 weeks, entitled operation money hidden, which takes you to discover money than nor suspicions that you have and that you can use to get out of debt and increase your savings.