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Social Network

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“As a social network, how is hardly another film it is work of David Fincher’s the social network” managed to capture the spirit of an era. Thus a similar meaning likely to be the film in a few years probably today like easy rider”and American graffiti” for the days of the hippies and rock ‘ n’ roll. The mail provider webmail.de information about the film. The social network”is not any social network, but probably the biggest and most important network at all, namely about Facebook. More specifically, the film describes the history of Facebook. This convinced the work among others with excellent dialogue, excellent cut, and not least because of its unique soundtrack. The story is the inventor of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s-Entwicklers. As a computer science student at Harvard, Zuckerberg provides 2003 with its Facebook predecessor FaceMash”seen.

On the website, it comes to assess students on the basis of Yearbook photos. Thus he swirls a Amount of dust on and should then rebuild a social platform for the Winklevoss twins. Zuckerberg is further expanding the idea alone and so eventually developed Facebook, which makes him the youngest billionaire in the world itself within a very short time. The idea to make a kind of historical film, in this still very young fabric seemed pretty risky. The implementation is managed but good. Mark Zuckerberg rented even a cinema to watch the movie with its workforce. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann