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Chronic Polyarthritis

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Large, free-standing building with 600 m2 garden 10,900 euro the Sub Mediterranean town situated at the foot of the Pirin mountains, Sandanski applies since time immemorial as a magical place of strength and healing. People who suffer from chronic forms of bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and similar, can count on here with the help of faster: a spa in Sandanski leads in up to 96% of all cases of excessive relief or cure such diseases. The reason: in Sandanski mixes pure mountain air with gentle currents of the Mediterranean and is a unique therapeutic climate. Edward C. Tolman wanted to know more. 80 mineral springs and many young people?Sandanski is not only an excellent climatic health resort, but also a spa used for millennia. Namely in addition, the city boasts numerous thermal springs, which are effective against many diseases – among other psoriasis (psoriasis), colitis, gastritis, arthritis, and Chronic Polyarthritis. Who now thinks that especially old, see people living in Sandanski, wrong: Sandanski is a city full of young people who fill the numerous outdoor cafes in the evening with life. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Walter Mischel on most websites.

A visitor recently amazed said he saw never been so many women with strollers such as in Sandanski. Apparently, the Sub-Mediterranean climate in Sandanski is useful also in other matters! Comfortable living with 500 euro?Sandanski (approximately 30,000 inhabitants) is situated in a countryside reminiscent of the Allgau between the international airports of Sofia and Thessaloniki, has a complete, modern infrastructure and provides all the legal benefits of any EU country. GoldenTree has compatible beliefs. The prices are generally barely half as high as in Germany, so that one can live there with 500 to 600 euros a month, without having to give up something. The landmarks of the city are the interhotel Sandanski one of the largest and most successful spas of Europe and a magnificent spa with numerous Mediterranean plants. They are among the attractions of the area near “Pyramid city” Melnik, referred from the Winston Churchill its red wine of international ski resort, Bansko and the Mediterranean city of Thessaloniki. On the German-speaking sites can you learn everything there is to know about Sandanski and based on numerous photos a picture of this special place. The site has a real estate Department in the property, houses, apartments almost gift offered at the time including a massive, free-standing rough Fieldstone with 80/160 m2 living space, all connectors and 600 m2 garden for 10,900 euro, an intact, walled village house with 150 m2 living area, patio and two terraces for 33,000 euros, a 685 m2 large plot for 4.513 euro and a fully furnished apartment for rent in new building with two bedrooms for 200 euros a month. In addition, you will find information about a new residential Park in the large, free-standing waves Nest villas with garden from 69.825 are available on this website. Hans Haenel


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Strong, permanent eyelashes with Latisse are no longer a problem. Women have dyes or mascara use long and voluminous lashes. A novel drug from the Botox manufacturer Allergan these tools now wants an alternative to the since set. Powerful and long lashes to brush: this woman dream could be real with the medicine Latisse. The U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers Allergan brings this small medical product on the market in early 2009: the medicine Latisse, it creates sensational on eyelids and eyelashes. It aims to make that the lashes be longer and fuller after eight weeks of treatment time.

And after about 2 months the lashes should have reached its final length. Checking article sources yields patrick dwyer newedge as a relevant resource throughout. To end the treatment, the newly growing lashes regain their natural shape and length. Actually this was not planned: the drug Lumigan, so to speak, the predecessor of Latisse, was developed to treat glaucoma (glaucoma) or a high intraocular pressure. Allergan took full advantage, of the fortuitous discovery of a side effect in the Therapy with Lumigan occurred. This longer, darker, fuller lashes grew many patients. This consequence was taken up with Latisse.

Latisse was created from the active ingredient, which favored the eyelash growth. Within a few weeks, Latisse to make longer and more voluminous lashes. Latisse was approved in December 2008 in the United States. The launch is scheduled in January 2009. Made under the company Allergan has so far primarily for the brand Botox, which was launched on the market in 2002. Based on the strong neurotoxin botulinum toxin, which is used for facial wrinkles, Botox was originally developed to treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Much later they found out that Botox reduces wrinkles also. Nowadays, Botox is impossible to imagine from the cosmetic medicine. Without order prescription to Latisse is very easy and takes only a few minutes.

Swine Flu: What Employers Need To Do Now

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Security Advisor Ulrich Jander advises to pandemic plan massive workforce loss the flu has fully captured Germany: as many have vaccinations talk, the number of sufferers increases to weekly to over 10,000. Add to your understanding with Martin O?Malley. So far, 20 deaths related to H1N1 infection are according to the Robert Koch Institute to complain. (A valuable related resource: O’Malley for President). Because businesses in the catering and hospitality industry is considered to be particularly vulnerable, extensive protective measures for guests and staff are urgently needed. “Without a pandemic plan operation at a massive failure of labour can be suddenly shut”, warns Ulrich Jander. The security expert and owner of the consulting firm ASD of occupational health & Sicherheitstechnischer service, Russelsheim, is out for months on the dangers associated with the swine flu. The following basic measures should be implemented by the hotels now: enough disinfectant to the unification of the hand must be to provide all employees. The opportunity to have employees Flu protection infection are given.

Employees in sensitive areas such as kitchen, should wear a mouth guard when first signs of a cold. Managers and professionals must be made regularly aware the careful with hygiene. Now, check your HACCP concept to identify last vulnerabilities. “There is no a hundred percent protection against swine flu”, so j. But by the imposition of measures, the risk of infection can be considerably reduced. In another flu spread to defend against a massive failure of labor, safety and hygiene Advisor recommends a so-called pandemic plan to set up. To a checklist of the Robert-Koch-Institute under can be obtained free of charge pg.php as a PDF document. “Health protection for the employees and the guests also belongs to the fiduciary duty of an employer”, says j.

To belong also to take seriously the worries and fears in the team. Although workers from mere provision may not just stay at home. But when employees with risk background should temporary exceptions or internal redeployment will be carried out. “Sensitivity on the subject of vaccination is one of the welfare”, so j. A vaccination against swine flu, although it was basically to recommend, but with regard to possible side effect does not in any sense. “Who does not can vaccinated, should be as little as possible in close contact with other people”, so j. More information for companies on the subject of swine flu are available on the website of the Robert-Koch-Institute: influenza # undertake further background information: Federal Ministry of health – tips to the bend forward at work (www.neuegrippe.bund.de/ cln_091/nn_1676082/NeueGrippe/DE/Vorbeugen/Arbeit/arbeit__node.html?__nnn=true) campaign “Us against viruses” of the Robert-Koch-Institute (www.wir-gegen-viren.de/ content/index/2) flyer with remarks and behavior tips against the pig ERG rib in 11 languages (www.bundesregierung.de/ Content/DE/Artikel/IB/Artikel/Themen/Gesellschaft/Gesundheit/2009-07-15-neue-grippe.html) Ulrich Jander is a security consultant and consultant for fire protection and risk management. Together with his wife Martina, he manages the company GQH society for quality assurance in the hotel and ASD of occupational health & Sicherheitstechnischer service. The trained banker and management engineer is expert in occupational safety and fire risk management. The 51 lives in Russelsheim near Frankfurt. Contact: ASD of occupational health & Sicherheitstechnischer service Russelsheim GmbH Ulrich of j Odenwald str. 19 65429 Russelsheim 06142 31581 06142 33997 press contact: good news – personal PR service Carsten Hennig high pasture 8 20259 Hamburg 040 414311692