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World Life

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They are linked here with nothing. Life on earth presupposes a living growing the most needed in small orchards. This is sufficient for daily wage. For more specific information, check out Maryland Governor. And this product – environmentally friendly – because you're not going to poison ourselves! On the other hand, this way of life cleanses man from the dirt of large cities, the dirt, both physical and spiritual. Therefore, reformatting of consciousness in the direction of life in small rural settlements, villages that surround the city – it's evolutionary path. Cities are at the same time should reduce in size …

Today, the beginning of this psychological approach can already be seen in the world: more and more people aspire to live in villages. However, they still do not understand what should be independently grow at least some of the food they eat. C understanding of this will come and change in consciousness. But on the other hand, the transition to this way of life their very life will be cheaper! This is – a bonus that is waiting for a man, has returned to earth. Because the land, thus rewards the person for the right decision.

We need to understand and realize that rural life is much cheaper than living in the city. And do not give the present regime to make it more expensive – the first task of the people. The more people who literally gush in village, so divorced from power, the independent from the government they would be! But even more unexpected bonus will expect a man who moved to rural conditions, and the bonus – also by nature! It consists in the fact that your the need for food drops significantly.