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Luis Samanamud

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It often happens that there are customers who were not satisfied with the treatment at your local principal or branch office and broadcast it on social networks; there not to take it as anything negative would be consider that claim and resolve at the moment because if you have a dissatisfied customer always speak badly about your business and that would be a bad image. Feedback or feedback. Social networks are for that to socialize not to always place links saying come to my restaurant or place to the four winds promotions. According to Star Trek Picard, who has experience with these questions. People want to interact with people like me like you. When a company want to join the Facebook more that everything must be done through one page of fans or a group. Constant updating is correct if it arrives a week of celebrity as mother’s day was in may in the Peru and you posted any promotion by those dates it is convenient that you upgrade. The reason is that existing estes and not to abandon the account on social networks. Show always respect that must be so clear and not only in a business if not at all times in any event or opinion that there, always respect people trafficking to the other as you would like to have you do unto thee, that I apply it.

Transparency if you want to use social networks to offer deals to attract more customers to your business always must have transparency in outcomes for which there are no doubts on the results. Here are some tips that can be served in a restaurant business is more can be applied to companies wishing to join social networks. Any other recommendations further to improve a business through social networks? To better understand what are the social networks and improving your personal brand through your business, I recommend these people that I consider those which give valuable information to marketing in Internet Carlos Cabrera with his website CarlosCabrera.net and Luis Samanamud with its abrirnegocio.com web I recommend these people who know much of the theme of social networks that thanks to them I have learned a lot which I am grateful.