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Manuel Castells Network

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In particular, the distribution of computers at home, says Toffler, is an important step in creating a space of intellectual environment. Like Bell, he notes the importance of knowledge and information in modern society, speaking about the critical importance of training professional staff. The newest concept in line with postidustrializma associated primarily with the research of Manuel Castells. M. Castells provides a detailed analysis of current trends that lead to the formation of foundations of society, which he calls the 'network'. Based on the postulate that the information is by its nature is such a resource that is more easily penetrates through all sorts of barriers and borders, it considers the information age as the era of globalization.

In this network structure are both a means and a result of the globalization of society. 'That's the network, Castells writes, are the new social morphology of our societies, and spread 'Network' logic to a large extent affects the course and result of processes related to production, daily life, culture and power '6. Thus, the power structure is stronger than the power structure, and belonging to a particular network, along with the dynamics of development of some networks in relation to the other, appears, according to Castells, as an essential source of power. Change processes significantly alter the political and processes. Leadership is becoming more personalized, and the path to power is through the creation of image – the politicians are involved in the game, leading through the media and the media themselves.

Kuldare Tools

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Could it be that place and landslide? A few seasons had to spend here. In late October, was becoming cold, the sun on the bottom of the gorge Kuldary looks only for 4-5 hours, and at night the water froze in the circles. Us, as it is Paradoxically, in a sunny Tajikistan had not suffered from the heat and the cold! I will not dwell on all the aspects of raskopochnyh works, suffice it to say that the first stone products encountered in the bottom 11th of the soil, almost completely eroded, were found only on the twelfth day of work. In the end it turned out that this place survived two paleosols, superimposed on each other and separated by a carbonate crust. Top 11 All-paleosols preserved incomplete, and the underlying 12-I remained entirely.

5 stone products for conventional Paleolithic loess material met both at the base of the 11th and at the top of the 12th of the soil. They are few, definable only 40 pieces. This, though small, but all the same industry. Small, the industry was not only quantitatively, but first and foremost on its size. The bulk of flakes and fragments has a length of 2-4 cm, the product of more than 5 cm in length make up only 5%. Small and number of guns.

These are just some featureless scrapers, awls and skreblovidnye tools. Sharp edges of some of the fragments could be used as a burin. Surprising piece of quartzite tools who handled both sides of small chipped. It is similar to bifas. Plates there is little, there are only 2-3 lamellar flake. Nucleus with two interesting character bilateral and unilateral yadrischa very small dimensions: diameter of the first – 4 cm, second, and even less – 3.5 cm If they find a separate, outside of the geological context, none of the experts would have made these products so the ancient age. Findings in Kuldare once again forced to reflect on the question of the importance of typological definitions for the chronological divisions of archaeological sites. After all, do not be such flawless stratigraphic terms, the definition is so deep-age of a small complex of stone tools from Kuldary would be impossible. Thus, despite the poverty of the collection, we can confidently say that the line of 750-850 thousand years to the Paleolithic of Central Asia has already passed. In all evidence, not far off when the antiquity of the human race in Central Asia will be millions of years, maybe more.

Light Current

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Compilation of the broadcasting schedule. We show how to apply this technique for making music radio station broadcasting grid format AC (Adult Contemporary). Dr. Mark Hyman will not settle for partial explanations. The entire music database is divided into 8 categories: A – English is the hottest hit (Heavy Current) B – English novelty added to this week (Light Current) C – English “hit the cooling,” came here from the category AG – English hit from the “Golden Collection AR – Russian language is the hottest hit (Heavy Current Rus) BR – Russian-speaking New this week (Light Current Rus) CR – Russian-speaking “the cooling hit “from the category ARGR – Russian-language” Golden Hit “. Example 1. We show how the proposed approach allows to make a broadcasting network for 12 hours, from 7 am to 7 pm. We use the following standard lock (12 songs in h). Standard tuft tuft of Matrix formula has the form: F (A, B, C, G, AR, BR, CR, GR) = G + AR + G + GR + B + CR + GR + A + GR + C + BR + G. Let our music database of songs, there are 8 “hot rotation” (4 English and 4 in Russian), 12 new products (6 in B and BR), 16 “cooling hits” (at 8 C and CR).

Total 36 songs – half of musical broadcasting. Another 50% – it ‘Golden Hits “. Let them also be 36 (18 in G and GR). Thus, our musical base consists of the following 72 tracks: A = (A1, A2, A3, A4), AR = (AR1, AR2, AR3, AR4)

International No Tobacco Day

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The discussions at the conference There were two polar points of view regarding the degree of influence the production of bioethanol and biodiesel prices at the food market. For example, U.S. officials are convinced that development of such production does not affect on the price situation, their opponents, representing, in particular those in Africa, say the opposite. Novelist oftentimes addresses this issue. According to forecasts the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the development of biofuels the next ten years will cause grain prices rise by 5%, corn – 12% for vegetable oil – by 15%. Moreover, the number of hungry people on the planet has more than 923 million people. International No Tobacco Day observed 20 November 20 November, in most countries, noted 'the International Day of No Smoking', which traditionally falls on the third Thursday of November. The main purpose of 'International Day of No Smoking', which was installed American Cancer Society in 1977, is to reduce the number of those who suffer from tobacco addiction, involvement in the fight against smoking, physicians and society, prevention of smoking and educating people about negative effects of tobacco smoking. According to the World Health Organization, smoking causes 90% of deaths from lung cancer, 25% of deaths from coronary heart disease and 75% of deaths from chronic bronchitis. Every 10 seconds in the world dies a heavy smoker, and by 2020 this time can be reduced to three seconds. In Russia alone smoking and disease, the cause of which it is a cause of death of about a million people a year.


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Water is a ubiquitous chemical that is made up of hydrogen and oxygen is essential to all known forms of life. In normal operation, water refers only to its liquid form or state, but the bottom line also has a solid state, ice, and gaseous state, water vapor or steam. Water covers 71% of the Earth 'S surface. On Earth, is mostly found in oceans and other large bodies of water, with 1.6% water in underground aquifers and 0.001% in the air as vapor, clouds (formed of solid and liquid water particles suspended in air), and precipitation. Oceans hold 97% of surface water, glaciers and polar ice caps 2.4%, and other water surface, such as rivers, lakes and ponds 0.6%.

A very small amount of water on Earth is contained in biological organs and products. Water on Earth moves through a constant cycle of evaporation and transpiration (evaporation), precipitation and runoff, usually reaching the sea – water regime. Above ground, evaporation and transpiration contribute to precipitation over land. Clean, fresh drinking water is essential for human beings and other life forms. Access to safe drinking water steadily improved and significantly over the past decade in almost all corners of the globe. There is a clear relationship between access to safe water and GDP per capita. However, some observers estimated that by 2025 More than half of the world's population will face water-based vulnerabilities. Water plays an important role in the global economy, since it functions as a solvent for a wide range of chemicals and facilitates industrial cooling and transportation. Approximately 70 percent of freshwater consumption and agriculture. Source: Environment portal All the ecology there.