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Study by Parks Associates is forecasting for broadband, digital home, and ISPs Dallas, February 5, 2008 in the next four years there will be a drastic increase in households, which are equipped with a home network, which has a broadband connection of service providers (so-called residential gateways). This emerges from a study of the marketing research and consulting firm Parks Associates. All over the world are employed to generate added value in broadband, communications, and other services”service provider thus, says Kurt Scherf, Vice President and principal analyst at Parks Associates. Strategies to networked home focus, to provide advanced customer premises equipment with the associated services, where service providers and their subscribers alike have a significant benefit. The CES 2008 has shown that home network products that are intended for the target group of service providers are always mature, because the providers improved their customers features and Applications want to make available.” Scherf indicated that should be the strategy for residential gateways and more CPE (customer premises equipment) developments, to provide multi-valued features like Multiroom DVR, streaming multimedia, enhanced communication functions, and home monitoring.

Furthermore, service provider determine that the use of remote serviceable teens reduces support costs and gives the possibility to increase the sale of subscriptions for digital home support services. “The study networks in the home: the global service provider play” examines the role of home networking and managed services as a support for service providers who want to monetize their network access. It gives a comprehensive overview of current and future expected developments for home networks by service providers. Thereby, she revised customer demand for new services, the economy of managed services, key residential gateways and home networking technologies. Images can be obtained from. The full study can be obtained from. About Parks Associates: The 1986 established, internationally recognized market research and consulting firm Parks Associates has focused on consumer electronics and services.

The company produced research capital for Fortune 500 corporations up to small start ups by market reports, primary studies, consumer research, custom studies, workshops, conferences for TOP management, and annual service subscriptions. The core includes the areas of new media, digital entertainment and games, home networking, Internet and television services, digital health, mobile applications and services, consumer electronics, and home control systems and security.