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Alexandra Saltsberg

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There are similar organizations in other cities, in Omsk, however, the official information has not yet been found. However, surely it is only a matter of time. And What To Look For? If we believe legends, and the material of the article “Diggers luck” portal on August 6, 2003, with us still lurks one of the greatest treasures of the world. Kuchum, departing from the Yermak, put up their coffers in the two lakes: one is called Big Uvat and Vagayskom located in the area of the Tyumen region in the lower reaches of the river Ishim, second, Teka, is on the right bank of the Irtysh River in front of a Tatar village Tashetkany Tevrizskogo district of Omsk region. And somewhere on the border between Tyumen and Omsk regions lies a huge cauldron Kuchum from which to feed it halts the army. Perhaps, in the forest still kept track was called an expensive Kuchum. On it he cauldron and lies grow into forest moss. To know more about this subject visit Yehoshua November. Nearby, in the swamp, allegedly concealed a large chest of gold.

And as far as is known, official expeditions in this direction was not. In the physics department of Omsk State University student newspaper to them. Dostoevsky’s “Free Fall, 7 / 2007 was published an article Alexandra Saltsberg “White spots Omsk. The first story: Asgard Erie. Also this theme is well represented at – in the video lectures and rollers of the popular character. And until now, scientists have finally identified necropolis what age and what kind of culture was detected when installing heating in the city center a few years ago. Where does the tunnel, which opened during the demolition of buildings next to the CHP-1? What kind of object was and, according to one version, it remains in the center of an ancient temple hidden under the ground near a beautiful lake (Shaitan, Danilova, Linevo, Urman, Indovo, Berkul, hiding) at the Omsk and Novosibirsk regions? Whose elongated skull yet found in the Ust-Tara? and why no museum of the city and do not put them so far? Videos posted on the Internet, do not allow to assess the find, explore it.

By hometown have questions, but I think it’s fine. I suspect that living in a world where everything has already been discovered and studied, we would be interested. And while there are puzzles – there is progress. It is noteworthy that this is so:).