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Reading Books

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And you could say it, but if I read all the books that talk about the law of attraction, and the authors say that they make this or that statement and after a few days the order or made desire through such affirmation are true. And in that case I reply them: before applying the law of attraction we must first clean our mind of thoughts and beliefs rooted in it for years. Therefore if we had so many years bombarding our minds with all that limiting information, think you that from one day to the other will get change all those thoughts and negative ideas by a pack of all positivist thoughts. This hard disk which is our mind, such as a computer, is infected and remove these viruses is a process which will take a period of time that must be respected according to each person. The time will depend on the one hand how much us autolimitamos in our life and on the other hand now with that willpower we move from here onwards.

As you may have already read, a limiting or negative thought aborts with its opposite. I.e. before an idea or thought old or new that is negative (they realize even though it wasn’t obvious, because before the will feel depressed or uncomfortable) should change such thinking by its opposite. However it is not my aim, at least in this article, teach them how to apply those opposites, that they already do and may lower them very well many authors whose books I cite in my Web page, where through links that I provide them free electronically. My goal here is to provide one way to find many of these negative thoughts that are hidden in our mind and which negatively influence our lives, but that however we are not able to identify them because they form an integral part of our personality.