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Astrology Scorpio

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Scorpion Many extraterrestrial civilizations resurrection from the dead is an ordinary, routine medical procedure. Biotechnology level of development of these civilizations has allowed them to achieve practical immortality. They just change the old, worn-out body to the new, young, and soul, a God-given, remains the same. There is also a civilization where biomedical technology have allowed in one and the same body to achieve practical immortality. For even more details, read what Michael Chabon says on the issue. Body Representatives of these civilizations do not die.

A decision on the death of the body and the transition to another life representative of this civilization (or parallel universe) takes its own. On the basis of their ideological and philosophical principles. Do not strive for physical immortality, or other life (other lives are not worse). Nizkoduhovnye people will strive for immortality of the physical body, for fear of the unknown, what will happen to them afterwards. Vysokoduhovnye people are conscious decision would destroy the physical body and move in the next life.

In order to accelerate spiritual growth and karmic evolution. Use the energy of sex is not just for earthlings. Share it generously with other civilizations and worlds. On this basis, there will be new, previously unknown sexual energy and attitude. In the Age of Aquarius in people under the influence of aliens and members of the parallel worlds will change ideas about sex and childbearing. In other worlds can be more than two poles (good and evil, male and female) and gender. We’ve learned that a man’s sperm fertilizes the egg woman, and the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth is responsible female body. This is a clear imbalance in favor of women. In another world, maybe three sexes: male, female and neutral. A man passes the neutral sex sperm (or their male energy), a woman passes the egg (Or their female energy), and in the body of the third sex is conceived. The merging of male and female, and neutral (creative) energy. Neutral floor becomes pregnant (according to earthly concepts) and giving birth to children. May be more than three floors. For example, for the birth of men to the union of one sex, for the birth of women – the other, and for the creation of neutral creatures – the third.

Psychologist. The Loss Of A Loved One. Tips

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In this article we consider one of probably many cases where a person is difficult to reconcile with the loss of a close person to him. We consider one of these situations and know the opinion of professional psychologists in this occasion. QUESTION: Hello! My name is Kathy. I am 18 years old. I am a college student. Follow others, such as Michael Chabon, and add to your knowledge base. I used to own to cope with their problems.

But this case is an exception 3 months ago died very dear to me people – my grandmother I have come to terms with this loss. But the problem is that I can not sleep at night. I do not know why I can not, and everything just fell asleep in the morning Help me please explain that to me and how I handle this? Maybe I need psychologist. Thanks in advance. ANSWERS: Vera L. Komarova Psychologist , of course, is loud and solemnly: 'I used to own to cope with their problems. " And it is important to take help, ask for help.

That – ok, you should not take on themselves more than you can move Relationship – is balancing the 'take-give'. Think about it. 'Come to terms with this loss (grandmother )' No, not resigned. The brain makes a 'accept' and the soul does not accept this loss does not let go My grandmother was an important person for you. Died last night? Older people are often little sleep, complain of a short nap, usually say that 'fall asleep in the morning'

Slide Technique

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Slide technique has repeatedly proven its effectiveness application. Experienced transerfery easily confirm your last statement. Technique works and always works. The difference of the results depends only on the correctness of the implementation of this technique. Each person is unique and therefore, the slide technique used by one transerferom can be completely dead for another.

Yes. How sadly, but each of us will eventually adapt the technique for themselves, guided by their own internal inquiries. We Yet today try to make a plan to develop a certain unique template for the practice of engineering slide. So, let's start to define with what we want. We assume this will be an object X (here, substitute your version). Us it is necessary that this object was found in the space of options and was on our line of life. External intention at the right time materializes sector space options, in which he is, especially if we give him what we want. And the sooner this happens, if we in this case correctly using the TC technique, in particular slide.

Here is the rule: the global and unreachable objects, the more time required for its material implementation. Please note that I said nothing about the impossibility of such an implementation. I am speaking only of the dates on which this implementation is possible. Now that we know what we need, let us remember that all you need to implementation of this technique. Try to consider when preparing your slides as many points. These slides much more effective than those that contain only a single paragraph. The whole point is that, as I have already mentioned earlier, all people are different. There are visuals, which is easier to work with pictures, if audialy who comfortably listen to sounds in the slide, there kinestetiki that perfect feel 'virtual' touch, there are those which have a tendency to multiple species … It is very important not to stop at just one static image (static slide). However, if a switch does not work in dynamic slide, do not despair and do not cease to try. Some just do not get 'revive' slide. First try to revive only one piece of static slide. Once this happened, try to add movement to another segment. After try to control the movement of individual fragments of the slide. Necessary to achieve complete control. Go tell that to achieve this is not easy, but regular exercise can work wonders. Very soon you'll be surprised how much You have managed to achieve since both have just started to do a practical vehicle. You can still try to work with time shifts within the slide. On this and many other things I'll discuss in a separate article on the Office of the fragments of the slide. You'll need to make sure that your order is precisely your order, and not strangers. The fact that there is a huge difference in what you want something for yourself and want something for others. Another important aspect in the technique of slide is the exact frequency of the use of technology. Since you took up the use of this technique, then practice it constantly, because the effect does not appear immediately. He was there from the beginning, but it is so small that the notice of his extremely difficult.


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They should always strive to overcome the worst effects of Insanity, battling with the beast and the spending power of the will, if necessary, to prevent atrocities. Moreover, they should always show his remorse, as well as abstentions and noble conduct. Vampires, on this high road, must avoid the authorities, indiscriminate food and games of Jihad. Usually, the finders of Golconda take a trip in search of a mentor which is rumored to own the secret of Golconda. Finding this mentors, Vampires must prove that they deserve by doing the job and answer to the riddle. These jobs often are looking for a mortal danger, threatening not only the body but the soul. The climax, when a decent vampire undergoes a ritual called Insight.

Sometimes it carries through the ritual of another vampire, has reached Golconda, sometimes – his mentor, and sometimes a vampire travels in the wild and is Enlightenment itself. The exact effects of the ritual is unknown, but they include a perilous journey into the world of dreams and, ultimately, in his own soul vampire. This is an extremely difficult, and many vampires are not able to get through it without any physical or mental injury. Nevertheless, while others attend Insight lossless, but forever lose the opportunity to gain Golconda. No second chances, and will not, so that Maybe these vampires harden at all and sundry. If a vampire really gets this legendary status, the effect is simply wonderful.

The main effect – full immunity to insanity and Pirofobii. The vampire will never commit evil acts under the influence of the Beast. While the vampire in Golconda must drink blood, never again should he be afraid of inadvertently take too much of it from his victim. Also, the vampire must drink blood as often as others. For a week he loses so much blood, but in the normal state a vampire for a night. However, he must still spend the blood as usual for the activation of disciplines, healing wounds, etc. Moreover, a vampire in Golconda partially overcome The Curse of restricting his power so he took it far on the blood of Cain. By doing so, he may increase any tryte to the maximum, regardless of Generations. However, its level of blood supply remains intact. Vampire in Golconda must maintain rigid standards of physical and mental purity. If his Humanity or knowingly ever go down, the vampire will lose all the benefits of Golconda, including enhanced tryte.