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Feelings Of A Heart

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April my heart, and in it entered the Love, Peace, Joy and Gratitude: But when closing I did not give it account that is one brechinha, where in it were trying to enter the Solitude, Pain, Homesickness and Sadness, trying to make dwelling. My heart was in doubts if it left the new inhabitants to enter, or not! From there it came the joy and it alleged that I had to choose between it and the sadness, I opted then to the joy. He came the peace and the gratitude speaking that he entered the solitude and pain, I would not have but them with me. Finally he came the Love and he renewed its rent and of its friends, taking off of me pain for complete. Then I closed the door of my heart and of this time I certifyd myself of that some breach had not left, and thus would not have visit some. never but I gave espeo for pain and its friends. Conclusion: In the untiring search for the happiness, we finish passing for it, and forgetting that the Love is not in place some, and yes in each one of us!