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Charged Energy

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The development of solar energy in 2007 shows a bright future, according to Greenpeace. The world market grew by 40% and in 2015 will compete in some areas with traditional energy. Despite the lost time, nature sheds even more light on what is the best alternative in the transition to a low-emission economy. Renewable energy sources have covered most of the needs of the man until the 19th century, when they were replaced by the exploitation of coal, and since 1950 with black gold. While increasing geopolitical threats to oil supply, prices rise and this comes to an end, every day is more evident how much has influenced this barbarity on the environment. Read more from Michael Chabon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. All studies have corroborated something: nature will always come. On the other hand, Governments do not seem capable of finding a solution.

For now, both public and private investment in research and development (r & d), are not in line with the urgent needs of the challenges to overcome. Time in adapting traditional energy and too many funds have been lost. Experts have reiterated their concerns about biofuels as possible substitutes, both because of the consequences this would have for the power of millions of people by the negligible performance with respect to energy expenditure which requires obtaining. Why the European Union is now reframes the idea of covering up to 10% of transport fuel by 2020 with bioethanol and biodiesel. And, similarly, alternatives such as cameras for capture and storage of CO2 lead to think that we are returning us crazy. Added to the difficulties in finding a safe disposal method contamination of groundwater and other effects; a price too high to pay. The solar energy industry, on the other hand, is a key sector in this fight. As explained Jose Luis Garcia Ortega, responsible of Greenpeace Spain, will have a starring role in the energy revolution we need to curb the climate change and reduce global poverty.