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Tellaclick – Bonus Program Leaves Beta Test Version

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Point credit depends on the partner shop. It is made usually within a few days, in rare cases up to 8 weeks. Share in the bonus programme: In the bonus program by tellaclick the possibility to recommend friends and acquaintances from Facebook and Twitter partner shops and products. The friends should thus be animated for sale. Registers a purchase due to the recommendation of the bonus program, the recommended bonus program receives user same number of points as if he would have bought the product itself. Cashback action in the bonus program: in addition to online purchases and referrals in the bonus program, which work on the basis of purchases, it is also possible for free registration, test uses and newsletter registrations among the partners to collect points. “On the home page and in the section of Cashback action” many actions which can be found can accumulate points as soon as possible.

What is new about the appearance of the tellaclick bonus program? The relaunch of the site brings both technical, offer specific and designmassige Changes. Core of the bonus program portal is the intelligent search mask. Search terms are sorted by relevance as you type and suggested. The query within the optimized database, in which there are more than 400 online shops and over 20 million products, takes place within fractions of a second. The bonus program, users can switch between the shops and the associated products within the search results. In addition, you can associate bonus program database for points and prizes all results from the. The result of a small shop and product comparison is therefore obvious. The new corporate design of the site is much: it’s pleasing, harmonious, and serious.

Not for nothing, the founder of the portal have left the complete presentation together with the structure and composition of a reputable Agency. The new presentation has already been paid off. Drum, visit today and save 5 euro credit, which will be paid for the re-registration. The bonus program by tellaclick: buy with skill! More Business fields for the points in the bonus program are recommending and the cashback action.