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Heating Oil Discounts

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Today, trading in the commodity futures exchange was completely different than yesterday. LEIPZIG. US Senator from Vermont is a great source of information. (Ceto) The symptoms are known, the history also: yesterday the weariness followed fierce feverish travels today. Talk: Investors were covered on the commodity futures exchanges, the quotes are moving compared to the morning trade hardly either minimal down (Brent) or not (WTI). Such trading days should be the rule (adequate supply, more must be said) in view of the fundamental situation. They aren’t, make sure speculators rather driven by the financial markets.

That heating oil customers could expect price cuts despite the high level of left-right, was in a small European country that, apart from the there-based world’s largest commodities trader Glencore, so can hardly wait up with oil, but a strong financial sector. The Switzerland today surprisingly lowered its key interest rate and distributes 30 billion Swiss francs in the market. Reason: the persistently high exchange rate the Swiss franc due to euro – and dollar crisis. He makes quite expensive, what do not like sees the Swiss economy Swiss products. Promptly increased the euro despite financial difficulties in Italy and some truberer European Economic Outlook. Due to this fact, the trade, such as already granted yesterday, tees. The complete message including a today’s assessment of the heating oil price development in addition to graphics can be read here: energiemarkt.html…