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Why Do I Live?

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What is for you the death? For many it is the end. But death is not anything other than step into another form of existence, in which live similarly to as ye have been being human beings. Death will not take anything of you, nor will give you nothing. The soul leaving the body is the same that was in man and that man reflected. After physical death, therefore you cannot attain the resurrection. You could say that the soul is the same after death and however is a strange to itself, because as human beings we do not actually know, we have not i.e. recognized us. And this is ultimately a problem of our time, because people live mostly in an inertia that passes the days without acknowledging us in them.

However everything we cover we recorded in the soul and this recording is what brings our soul to the more there after death. Yes this have not analyzed and questioned with sincerity in life after death will be strangers to ourselves. We’ll be outsiders of ourselves in areas in which the soul wants to move forward, to return to its spiritual origin, the divine eternal home, finds it very difficult. What we actually get more there? What we’ve impregnated into our soul. And that is precisely the decisive factor for each, that is, everything that we really were as human beings, not in appearance but in the reality of our intentions and backgrounds, is that really permeates the soul, because everything is energy, also our sensations, real intentions and thoughts. Modern physics we know that no energy is lost, nor the content of our thoughts, feelings, words and works, i.e., our behavior is recorded energy- and that it brings the soul to the more beyond determining his back walking. If there is a real certainty in life, it is that each of us will one day die, therefore is worth preparing to spend more than having taken advantage of life, because the only real death, even in life, is that darkness of the soul that just holds of God, Christ, and above all of the commandments of God and the teachings of Jesus de Nazareth, and in case of having done as much only talked of them, but hardly has put them into practice.