Talking With My Son

There are different terms that we as parents we find it somewhat difficult to talk with our children that in some way try to impose our will, we know the risks they may face them and sometimes we do not have many arguments to keep this conversation one such issue is smoking. Without any kind of confrontation could begin this conversation with a bit of history and to address some interesting issues for our children. The Snuff is a plant that is a major non-food agricultural products in the world, is grown for its leaves that, once cured, smoked, chewed or sniffed in the form of snuff. She is a native of the Americas, as noted by Christopher Columbus, the Indians smoked the snuff Caribbean using a rod-shaped pipe called Tobago, which takes its name from the plant. Hear other arguments on the topic with Novelist. Apparently possessed medicinal properties and used it in their ceremonies.

For a long time after Spain monopolized trade, smoking – whether cigarettes or pure, as is also called, was seen as a social status for the bourgeoisie in Europe, USA and other countries. In the last half century was common to see in magazines, newspapers, television and cinema advertisements of different companies producing snuff; the great figures of all means were employed to promote sales helped push the number of smokers in any part of the world, the snuff was very socially acceptable. Today many countries have started to fund intensive campaigns aimed at restricting the use and sale of snuff for the high social cost in health and is not very well regarded socially …

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