TELEMATIK.TV On The Transfairlog 2012

TELEMATIK.TV interviewed some TOP marketers on the trans fair logon 2012 Hamburg, 19.06.2012 (pkl). Editor-in-Chief and presenter Peter Klischewsky on the 13.06.2012 on the Hamburg invited transfairlog to the interview in the built up TV Studio in the middle of the exhibition events. He interviewed eight TOP provider of telematics industry trends and technology and received many interesting answers. From 12.06.-14.06.2012, the translog fair in Hamburg was held this year for the first time. Among the exhibitors of this trade fair for international transport and logistics management, there were also numerous TOP provider of telematics industry. For more information see novelist. The 13.06.2012 visited the fair also with its mobile TV Studio and invited some TOP providers to the interview with Peter Klischewsky, editor in Chief of the media group telematics The company followed this prompt like and thus Peter Klischewsky welcomed a total of eight dialogue partners.

Including business leaders, who specially arrived for this interview. First interview guest in the TV Studio was wireless sensors, German industry giants and high visitor from Finland Hans-Hermann Ruschmeyer, Managing Director of Dar + Timm GmbH. topic of the conversation was here especially the wireless sensors extension for the first time presented at the exhibition ‘scomsens’ and what interesting opportunities it offers users. The second Studio guest came directly from Finland in the Hanseatic City. Sampo Hietanen, CEO of the Finnish provider of Helpten, Helpten Central Europe, accompanied by Mathias Acar, head to underscore the great importance which the German market has for his company.

Mathias Acar spoke about the benefits of enterprise solutions, presented in Germany, which has put a successful market entry. The mobileObjects AG, which operates as a ‘Veteran’ of the telematics in this country for many years with great success and many innovations in the market followed the largest Finnish telematics provider. Frank Biermann, made sales and marketing, in an interview on the new Board, mOTelematix mobile telematics solution carefully, which impressively proves that in this company’s users will not past is being developed, but exactly the needs are recognized and implemented.