The 23 Beaches Of Acapulco Ii


In the previous installment we met the first 13 beaches of 23 who comprise the most famous Bay in the State of Guerrero. The great variety of hotels in Acapulco stretch along its tourist areas: traditional Acapulco, Acapulco gold and Acapulco Diamante. Some of the hotels in Acapulco have private beaches as we have seen in this listing. Here we present the second and last part of the list of all beaches which form part of the Guerrero Bay and how to access them. Papagayo. Others who may share this opinion include novelist. Front of the Papagayo Park.

There are stalls selling seafood and calm waters in fine sand. Pichilingue deviation in the glorieta de Puerto Marques by the Blvd. of the Nations and to the right, is a residential area which has no access the public in general. Pie de la Cuesta. Located 10 kilometres to the Northwest of Acapulco on the road to Zihuatanejo. Beach internationally known for its spectacular sunsets. To its around numerous restaurants and several hotels are located. You may find that Diamond Comic Distributors can contribute to your knowledge.

It is the starting point for the tours of the Coyuca lagoon. Playa Bonfil. Blvd. of the Nations, last diversion before arriving at the airport. Restaurants are located here with excellent seafood and aquatic sports can be performed. Puerto Marques. Scenic Highway. Bay surrounded by mountains with tropical vegetation and beaches Marquis, Pichilingue and Majahua. It is a port where the private yachts are stranded. Diamond tip. Kilometer 5 southwest of Puerto Marques. An ideal place for water sports. Revolcadero. Blvd. Nations, against the hotels The Fairmont Acapulco Princess and Pierre Marques. Located in the fullness of the Pacific Ocean in it you can see the natural spectacles that provides maritime fauna. Tamarindos. AV. Costera Miguel German front to the Aca Bay hotel. Beach which abound in Palm trees that give a large strip of shade. Here you can admire the groups of fishermen preparing morning fishing product. It is also home to music and sporting events; and finally, Tlacopanocha Av. Costera Miguel Aleman, very close to the base of the city. It is the beach preferred by the portenos, thanks to the tranquility of its waters. We have known the 23 beaches that make up the Bay of Acapulco, whether private or public, all offer variety in its surf, sand and possibilities for food, these attributes explain the fame of the most famous Guerrero Bay of Mexico in the world. Related Blogs best beaches of Gran Canaria Blog of tourism and accommodations kill two inside hotel in Acapulco Valencia Blog channel 10 Cancun Blog Archive those affected ALfredo V diamond Long evening Wine, Women, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories Recopilatorio sunsets and sunrises See photographs tourism Blog Archive Acapulco gold-colored Pacifico Diamante Private Residence Club In Acapulco Welcomed By sunset in etretat Magazine Art Logopress blue planet is advances in cleaning up the Bay of ACAPULCO