The Elements

If the virtual surroundings of formation must also cause the collaborative work they must harness the autonomy and independence in which they participate in the same. From this perspective it must be appellant to create surroundings that make possible the selection of learning routes, as well as means and codes with which it wishes to realise the mediatic interaction. It will imply the necessity that the user carries out a roll more active than in the surroundings of banking formation 3, for example, where its paper exclusively tends to be of memorstico repeater of the contents that are offered to him. &quot will also require a positive attitude for the interaction as much; con" like " desde" the implied technologies. It is not something Novelist would like to discuss. This formation must also respond progressively to the concrete needs of the individuals and not of the virtual community.

Since we have already indicated the learning in networks must incarnate the principle of the education centered in the user, who can adopt a real election in related qualities to when, how and where to study. Of this form a self-training with base in its own speed and in agreement with its own circumstances is favored, needs and I interest. Nevertheless, the motivation of the user in telematics surroundings of formation, is one of the elements most important to as much consider by the differentiation space and temporary between that they lie down to find the professor and the student, as by the solitude of the independent study. Several will be the elements that will be able to consider the tutor facing harnessing the motivation: to facilitate the interaction, the structuring and organization of the additional material to the tutorizacin exercise that must use in all students. This last one will be extremely important so that the users are active and nonliabilities in the process education-learning. These surroundings interaction turns into one of elements significant of system, so that the quality of the same as much determines the quality of the interaction that settles down, with regard to the rest of companions, like the established one with the diverse materials that the student to his disposition has.

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