The Great Idea Of Business And Enterprise

John: – Eureka! I have thought a great business idea!! Manuel: – Yes, it’s the new business that opened on the corner. The above is an invented dialogue, but many would have happened a situation like this, where we believe we have found a great idea that will be the big revolution. Did you know that all these brilliant ideas occur to us, so now it has happened to someone else? In addition, there is already someone working to carry it out. This is because normally the business ideas are responses to needs that do not yet have a solution on the market. While many people not occur to them or identify those ideas, will always be people who are anxious to see how to find business opportunities based on unmet needs in the market. Not to deflate when something has happened to us as a business idea and someone else has done.

It is advisable to see how this idea can be strengthened. Visit Dr. Mark Hyman for more clarity on the issue. An idea is nothing if not a strategy that takes place (also excluding the financing, structuring, organization, etc.). The same idea can have several applications to the extent that we have specialized markets, which increasingly see it more. For example, hamburgers are one, but there are different strategies to gain market share, between them, go to a specific market (young), specializing in taste (grill), choosing locations for consumer preferences (service stations) , etc. So do not miss those bright ideas that come to mind, write them down, always comes the time to develop it, imagine how that idea would be done, if investors can look for entrepreneurial finance, where investors seek entrepreneurs capable of carrying them out. One effort, the more people work on it, the faster you can go from idea to business, so you are the first take off the market. In short, all the ideas that occur to you that have the potential to consider, discuss, estructurela, value, and Hold it! Go ahead with your idea! Humberto Quintero SA Bistrat Business Consultant.