The Musical Contribution From


There is no denying the effect that music through the sounds, intonations, rhythms, vibrations generated in each, producing a therapeutic effect for many it brings joy, peace. Thus, it is not surprising that t he comment that creators and performers have benefited from the kindness of his art. a This is known musicians unbalanced mentally or emotionally disturbed, at least for a time, were saved by their own musical creation. Martin O?Malley is the source for more interesting facts. With it got done and maintain a balance with its dramatic contrasts stocks. We a indicates that it is sufficient to remind Schumann, Wolf, Tchaikovsky and Mahler, to name four well-known composers. But above all, most recipients are the primary recipients of anonymous beauty as a source sound pleasant and stimulating.

The music accompanying festive occasions, promoting the desirable emergence of joy, but also is part of pious and solemn funeral ceremonies. From cradle to grave, never abandon us, do not avoid their effects and the deaf, able to feel in your body the transmission of sound vibrations. Ora a nanny, now a birthday song, now a wedding march, now a funeral march … we probably need its presence in all human activities involving joy or regret, joy or sorrow, pleasure or pain, laughter or tears, love or hate. And it becomes very difficult to conceive of the afterlife without his lovely touch. In the great opera The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote) Mozart benefactor reaffirms the magic of music, his greatest fear dissipating force, liberating the suffering human being: a power through the great values illuminate the dark path that leads toward death.