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While all of this is terminology, the meaning remains. I perform work on the development of custom software. At this point the direction of outsourcing brings me to a basic income. On the other directions, including from sites that can be called a penny profit. Click Martin O?Malley to learn more. But the problem is that if a site is penny is not proportional to the efforts expended, the revenue from outsourcing are directly proportional to labor costs. Or in other words, if I do not work on a site per month, income or remain stagnant, or fall slightly. In outsourcing, if you do not work out a month, you will not get anything at all. Just two and a half months wandering through the network, searching and testing options for earning them in practice, I was finally about to already decided that the freebies on the Internet net. The vast majority of advertised ways to earn money and freebies, this is divorce on the headstock. A small part ways (the same contextual advertising or selling links) can generate income and, moreover, Significant, but earn a lot of just one. That is, the bulk of low-skilled manimaykerov or earn a penny, or even get to Grandma, if they get involved in any pyramid. Conservation law It works everywhere, even on the Internet. If you do like everyone else, then you will get everything. Advertising slogans that you can earn a lot, and you do not need any qualifications – 100% of divorce. The man has a lot earn only in two cases, if he qualified or if he works hard. In this case, I consider only the fair types of earnings. Ideally, if a person can do something better than anyone, and it is claimed, it is in any case will get more of those who can not do, or who are ill. By the way it is for this we are very common all sorts of marketing networks such as amba or . They say: “You are a fool, and do not know how to do You did not learn in school, no college, but you want lots and lots of dough, then you to us. ” As well as manimaykinge and online business, earn a professional and talented people, and their unity. Low qualifications can be offset by hard work, but there are limits to growth. At day 24 hours and there’s no getting around it. That is the only way to earn good money – is to raise their qualifications and personal qualities. After all, the ideal business needs person is no longer for the money, but for personal growth. Money can and steal and make a hoax. True happiness does not bring. And if the growing prosperity there is no personal growth, it is likely something you do not so.