The Venezuelan

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The revolution in democracy of socialism of the 21st century, it is easy to start, although their results are ominous, as the figures indicate. By the same author: Bernie Sanders. The majority live in a so low level of poverty, that anything that is offered is more of what you have, but to give to the homeless rulers seek to take from others, making the false role of Robin Hood. It is comfortable to sinking to 36 percent minority of the class average seen truncated their chances for economic improvement, while the less well-off 50ms increase their standard of living to others cost. Those who have never had anything, will have something impoverished, but something at the end, and those who had something will be left with nothing. Social classes would be equal and everyone will live happy in misery.

It will be a paradise Cuba. The formula is unnatural and inhumane because it overrides the incentive to work, creativity and personal improvement, but for many it is an unusual achievement and struggle to defend the US dropping them. The only ones who really benefit are the rulers, who are becoming the richest, the strongest, the untouchables. The new oligarchy is already trying to dominate under the law of terror, faithful to the populist tradition. There are only five Communist countries in the world: China, Laos, Cuba, Viet Nam and North Korea.

The Venezuelan and Bolivian neocomunismo falls within a new amorphous category, because freedoms are still allowed and spoken of elections, referendums and other democratic procedures. But despotism is already eating the intestines of the State. In Bolivia the issue is thorny and more confusing by the racial hatreds that are deliberately fuelling from the Executive, to try to impose an indigenous version of national socialism, as preaches another employee of Chavez, Ollanta Humala in the Peru, who wears his followers with uniforms similar to the Hitler hordes and promotes a raging anti-Semitism.