The Writing


We will be able to perceive as the argument that defends the obedience as the intention of the Writing if it transcribes in faith that, in turn, if it shows in the caridosas workmanships of where if it can recognize who is the fidiciary office and who is the infidel. With effect, this article will be lingered in only analyzing the cited text, searching in the Biblical references the recital of its teses, as the proper Espinosa makes to justify its writings. If it does not intend with this it withhold the attacks that the espinosana theory suffered, but to only display as this philosopher developed its argument regarding the faith, of its dogmas and attributes. WHAT IS THE FAITH AND WHO IS THE FIDICIARY OFFICE? WHICH THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FIDICIARY OFFICE AND THE PHILOSOPHER? The Writing is accessible for all the Jewish people and it is not necessary to have a privileged mind to be able to understand it, since it is not imprisoned the understanding and interpretation only of the prophets. For being accessible to all mind, it falls in the luck of all and any interpretation, also of vulgo, that it judges to be its understanding the most made right and condizente of the divine doctrine.

She is because of the diverse and innumerable interpretations that exist some explanations for the Writing, that she is one only. Exactly groups interpret the religious it they explain and it in its way, that is, as better they agree to them. Another factor that can aggravate, and without a doubt aggravates, the interpretation dissimilarity is that the sacred text was written by some hands, each one with an intention pra its time and if, old, the Writing was followed from the understanding of vulgo today it is adapted by its opinion. The attack of Espinosa if foca in the persecution that the religions make the one others, that is, in the different interpretations of the Writing.