Top 10 Blog Writing Tips


Most of the “rules” about writing for magazines and newsletters apply to writing posts for your blog, but there are some important differences. Keep these tips in mind 10 and will be posting blog content that attracts customers and friends in your niche market. 1. Write with the reader in mind. Remember WIIFM? It’s marketing jargon What’s In It For Me? That is what must be taken into account. Your reader will read your message looking for what’s in it for them. 2. Make it valuable and worthwhile.

Do not waste people’s time. Please visit Electric if you seek more information. If you have nothing to say, no problem, many others do. So share their articles, do an interview, review of a book. 3. The reading test is obvious typos and grammatical errors. Do not leave the house with dirty hair or missing a sock, so why should publish the spelling errors? Respect your readers by polishing your stuff.

4. Be brief and simple, sweetie. (KISS). Most people are scanners. You may have much to say and I think it’s interesting, and it can be. But people are reading online and out of season. Get to the point quickly. Published short positions more often is the best format for publication of lengthy articles every few weeks. 5. Keep alive, make it smooth and elegant. Even if you are not a born writer, you can write in his blog. Just write like you’re talking with your friend? Or yourself! Remember, however, get to the point quickly. Consider the rule of 5 W journalist in the first paragraph: who, what, what, when and where.