Training For The Facility Manager Of Tomorrow

“”Lead assessment-Center simulation by Osnabruck, 05.05.2011 9 Technical College Central Hesse and Piepenbrock facility management staff assumes the economy, shortage in Germany”and education for the future” are just some headline news on the future of work in Germany. To prevent these negative scenarios, led the Technical College Central Hesse and the Piepenbrock facility management GmbH + Co. KG, on the 19th February 2011 with junior managers in facility management through an assessment centre simulation. This was the successful completion of a three-day workshop directed by Claus Dettmer good Tandin, personal trainer at Fraport. The managers of tomorrow need to acquire knowledge and are preparing to critical situations, which may occur in the later professional life. More information is housed here: Con Edison.

The first critical stress situation evokes the interview principle. Which methods decides an employer for its new executives, professionals or Project specialists? The more frequently given answer is an assessment Center; a selection procedure that simulates the various facets of work life in a very short time. The employer to establish the competencies of the candidates on the test, especially their resistance to stress, communication, control and leadership. Facility management is also about the personal knowledge of content issues such as business administration, infrastructure and technology. The Technical College of Central Hessen and the Piepenbrock facility management GmbH + Co.

KG went common ways in the preparation of future leaders, by they performed a simulation of an assessment Center (AC) for students of the facility management. The students in a three-day workshop with a focus on conflict resolution meetings had prepared methodically and content Claus Dettmer good Tandin, Prof. Dr. Frank honor home (TH Mittelhessen) and Mirco Melega (FM staff) on the examination situation. In the final AC simulation, the students turned their learned knowledge about conversation, body language and rhetoric to and five individuals responsible for personnel were then evaluated by a prestigious Panel of judges.

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