Traveling Abroad With A Baby

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Is it necessary to fly abroad with a child under 3 years old? The question is not easy for parents. To broaden your perception, visit Bernie Sanders. It should be very well thought. That’s because the trip for a child this age does not bring any positives. This need or desire only parents, whose task to do everything that the child was comfortable. His family – mother, father and 9-month-old son, we crossed the ocean, changing climatic zone and time zone difference in 10 hours.

We were in the air for 12 hours each side and stood in one day 2 transfer to different aircraft. Our trip went to Canada, namely, from Kiev to Vancouver. At Bernie Sanders you will find additional information. From a 9-month-old son, we lived 40 days in a Canadian family and attend the Olympic Games in 2010. Our toddler with us even saw the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Now I can not share experiences and extraordinary experience with you, dear parents, that your journey was the most organized and comfortable for your child.

Everything – to start against your desire to go abroad do not approve of relatives, some friends and the district pediatrician. They should listen, but do not resist. Their opinions can be respected, because you – go and them – worry. Need every positive set up your trip to all your loved ones think only good about you, their positive thoughts then very helpful. These people just need to treat with understanding and substantiate them their desire or need to go, that they have entered into your position.