True Blood

In the fashion shows of DSquared models always look brand sunglasses, in a commercial sales strategy, but also as a maneuver by placing this add-in in the field of aesthetics, combining it with all kinds of garments and styles. And what if they have succeeded! Already many of the celebrities who have shown their passion by DSquared glasses since first solar in 2009 and collection of eyeglasses in 2010, among them the young couple came in fiction and in real life, in the True Blood series. This brand sunglasses are characterized by large, heavy and solid, as well as bold and innovative in terms of design, but resorting to classical forms in some models, capturing the essence of the particular universe of these Canadians, between retro and more transgressive and extravagant. Now comes the second collection of eyeglasses and Sun third, consolidating the brand in fashion eyewear and strengthening it within the market. With materials like metal, acetate and injected plastic and colors as black and carey, brothers Dean and Dan Caten, does not cease to amaze us with impressive and attractive forms. The model could see Star of the collection spring-summer 2011 in the parades that were made of the brand recently (see image). If you want to see more models of the superb collection of DSquared, don’t hesitate to take a look at their official website!