Two Writes

As to finish with the fight, you it must wait a calmness moment and ask for to talk with its friend. To explain that everything that you want is if to make right more with it than perceives that something not this legal one. Then before you speaking, it must hear what it has to say if possible she writes down. Part so that it enumerates things bother that it. not retruque. But it hears and it writes down. Later it makes the opposing part that it hears and only writes down. Made this they see the two what it is possible to move to diminish the fight.

Where they can improve. They make this on behalf of the love. For even more opinions, read materials from John Lennon. That it is most important and in the truth, without no pretension. Second step. To leave more to have fun itself to find places that the two tan in common, if its in case that it is as my extremely incompatible in taste in relation loved person. It is alone to make of the following form.

I will choose one stroll each one to its taste. makes in revezado way, final of if its place of choice flows what it chose, in the other. still is capable of vocs to find a stroll in common. Third step. I say I gratuitously love you without hour or place. Love I you I am a short phrase to put magical. It cause an enchantment and discloses feelings that gesture none can make. The people generally feel shame of if declaring for the loved person. I say that you must live if declaring and not only for the wife also for the father the mother the brothers and until the true friend that inestimable one that is not only brother therefore committed the deceit of being born in another family. Many times we do not have courage to be sincere and then somebody of much esteem is lost.