Universal Mobilization


World-wide mobilization: What to make? The launchings in the atmosphere of the resultant debris of the burning of fsseis fuels vehemently intervene with the climate and the quality of air, provoking acid rains and respiratory problems. They exist, however, technologies and processes that allow to the removal of these pollutants and the reduction of its ominous effect. The equipment most usual is the electrostatic cyclones and precipitadores, more efficient in the coarser particle removal. These equipment can be combined with more efficient devices, as the ceramic filters and of sleeves, that can remove up to 99% of the particulado material. Speaking candidly Dr. Mark Hyman told us the story. The set of measures that contribute for the improvement of the ambient conditions in the world needs the participation all the countries, this is essential, although this, measured individual can contribute for the improvement of the world in social aspects and ambient, that is, each individual makes its part. All the pointed attitudes are not conclusive and are citizens to the divergences on the part of diverse sciences and conceptions. 5,3 Energy alternatives support the practised sustainable development of planned form produces resulted significant, to unite economic growth and ambient it is the main focus of this process. Moreover, the creation of new materials of bigger useful life to diminish the rotation of products if makes necessary, attitude this that is tied with the consumption.

Diverse alternative sources of energy can be detached which are proceeding, however, of the biomass the etanis of the solar energy, the aeolian one and among others sources you renewed. The advantage of this use is exactly to reduce costs and to contribute for the improvement of the environment. The dependence of fsseis fuel consumption for the energy production certainly affects the life in the land and compromises the ambient quality, and will continue being of this skill. Being thus, it is necessary that the scientific and technological work of the current world is directed to produce other types of energy (that they are less polluting and that they cause little ambient impacts, different of oil), the calls alternative energies. The alternative energy (to the oil) is a form to produce energy electric, causing little problems to the current society, the environment and, little pollution. s on the issue. 6 CONCLUSION In the studies of the capitalist societies in the global sphere, Geography fascinates high weight, primordially when it deals with questions involving the social environment under some vises concerning the inherent adversities which context enter in guideline.

The energy consumption has led to the quarrel on the adequacies how much to the scarce future next to goods favorable to the survival. In fact, the recurrence the energy alternatives raises controversy, therefore esteem that the planet shelters innumerable power plants to be expended to the will, what it can be an mistake. In the moving one of the world-wide dependence to the oil, ‘ ‘ acomodao’ ‘ social global in generalized way, it will result later in a convulsion in search of the precious hidrocarbonizado liquid. The irrigation ditch between relation society-nature will be each wider time if it will not have measured immediate to the ambient solutions. Thus, one concludes that the strong interdependent linking between society and energy generates development in the socioeconmicas structures. For in such a way, valley to emphasize the negative factors and positive condizentes to such development, or same would have a crisis spreading in way to the main pillars it world-wide economic axle in detriment of the rationalization lack.